Sensation Witan Sulaeman Undergoes First Practice at Lechia Gdanks, Confidence to Break through to the First Team | 1NEWS

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Indonesian national team player, Witan Sulaeman, enjoys his inaugural training session with Lechia Gdanks. Witan admitted that he had no significant problems in the adaptation process and welcomed enthusiastically practicing under the tutelage of coach Tomasz Kaczmarek.

Witan Sulaeman was inaugurated by Lechia Gdansk as a new recruit on September 1, 2021. The 19-year-old player is tied to a two-season contract.

Witan immediately attended the first training session with Lechia Gdansk the day before (2/9/2021). This is Witan’s first meeting with the new coach of Lechia Gdanks, Tomasz Kaczmarek.

“This is the first training with a new coach. The practice was just keeping in shape with the ball and everything went well,” said Witan Sulaeman on the club’s official YouTube account.

Witan Sulaeman also enthusiastically welcomed the opportunity to play at Lechia Gdanks. Witan is able to compete to secure a place in the first team because it has the ability to play in three positions.

“In football I can play on the left and right wing and attack. I can do it,” said Witan Sulaeman.

Lechia Gdanks coach, Tomasz Kaczmarek, was amazed by Witan Sulaeman’s performance in the first training session. Tomasz Kaczmarek said Witan is a young player who has great potential.

Tomasz Kaczmarek was amazed by Witan Sulaeman’s appearance at the first training session with Lechia Gdanks. The Polish coach said Witan’s presence added to the strength of Lechia Gdanks because he had the ability to play in various positions.

“Witan Sulaeman made a good impression on me in the first training. He can play on the right and left,” said Tomasz Kaczmarek on the club’s official YouTube account.

“He can also be an attacking midfielder. A young player, but has great potential,” said Tomasz Kaczmarek.

Witan Sulaeman’s presence at Lechia Gdanks caught the attention of the Polish media. This is related to Lechia Gdanks’ experience in recruiting the previous Indonesian player, Egy Maulana Vikri.

Witan Sulaeman’s recruitment policy is said to be for business purposes only. Lechia Gdanks is accused of seeking new sponsors from Indonesia.

Lechia was left by Paytren after not extending the services of Egy Maulana Vikri. It will be interesting to watch Witan Sulaeman’s career at Lechia Gdansk.

Witan Sulaeman is a talented footballer from Palu who is currently playing in the Serbian League


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