Shortly before he died, Eben Burgerkill had this conversation with Piyu Padi

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Eben Burgerkill.  Photo: Instagram

Sad news came from the metal music world of the country. Aris Tanto, known as Eben, a Burgerkill member, died today, Friday, September 3, 2021. Eben died in Bandung, West Java at around 15.59 WIB. Shortly before his death, Eben briefly chatted with Padi band personnel, Piyu.

Piyu explained that he was filming together with Burgerkill today. The shooting was for a virtual concert event. Piyu said, in the shooting, each band was given half an hour to perform. Well, it was during the change of band that he had a chance to chat with Eben.

Piyu said, Eben had a chance to talk about himself being a performer at a concert by the legendary band, God Bless some time ago. Not long after, Eben said goodbye to perform with his band.

“This afternoon there was a shooting together, Padi and Burgerkill. There’s a music concert shooting. We talked about his concert with God Bless yesterday. ‘Oh yes, play mas,’ he said. After that, say goodbye to the performance, right,” said Piyu as reported by Suara-Hops.ID network.

Eben Burgerkill. Photo: Instagram

But not long after, when Piyu was outside, she suddenly heard Eben fainted on the stage. Suddenly, the people who were at the shooting location immediately took Eben to the Bungsu Hospital in Bandung.

“Yeah, fell on the stage. He was then taken to the hospital. There was a snoring sound like that,” explained Piyu.

But unfortunately, while on his way to the Bungsu Hospital, the life of the Burgerkill guitarist was not saved. “On the way there are none,” said Piyu.

Even so, Eben’s colleagues still took him to the hospital. But until there, it’s true that Eben is declared dead. It was reported that at the Eben Hospital, assistance was given, but it was no longer helpful. In addition, his face also looks pale.

Eben Burgerkill.  Photo: Instagram
Eben Burgerkill. Photo: Instagram

“Until it was declared dead,” he said again.

Regarding the news of a heart attack that was the cause of Eben’s death, Piyu admitted that he did not hear it. What is clear, he only got news from the doctor that Eben had been declared dead.

Eben whose real name is Aries Tanto started the formation of the Burgerkill band in 1995. He is active until now Burgerkill has released a total of 5 studio albums. Burgerkill is a metal band that has been around for a long time and has performed a lot abroad.

A number of Burgerkill songs that hit include Tiga Titik Hitam, Black Blood of Hate, Arrange Me, An Elegy, Tears of Fire and so on.

Goodbye Eben!

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