Show Drastic Changes in Body Shape After Dieting To Drop 20 Kg, Here’s The Latest Portrait

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As a celebrity, appearance is the main thing that must be considered. Not only about how they dress, physical is also one thing that must be considered.

Not all celebrities have ideal bodies, in fact some of them actually have bodies with excess weight or obesity. One of them is the famous presenter and designer, Ivan Gunawan.

Starting from Deddy Corbuzier’s promise to give him some money if he manages to lose weight, in fact he is quite serious about losing weight.

Now even Igun’s weight has dropped as much as 20 kilograms in less than a month. Starting to live a healthy lifestyle by exercising and maintaining a healthy diet, Igun also looks thinner and fresher. Here’s the latest portrait of Igun after losing 20 kilograms.

Seriously Live a Diet

Apparently, Igun’s desire to lose weight is not just because of money. But he also wanted a healthier body. Seriously losing weight, he even went on a diet program in earnest.

Change Lifestyle

Not only on a diet alone, Igun also changed his lifestyle. Now he is starting to live a healthier lifestyle. In addition to diet, he began diligently exercising at the fitness center.

Down 20 Kilograms

Thanks to his efforts to diet and change his lifestyle to a healthier one, he managed to lose weight. His weight even dropped 20 kilograms in less than a month.

More Fresh

Now Igun’s appearance looks different. His body looks thinner and now he is also more confident. In addition, Igun also looks more handsome and fresh than before.


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