Staying at Manchester United, Donny Van De Beek will be an important player

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1NEWS – The agent of the player Donny Van De Beek recently opened up about his client’s future at Manchester United. He strongly believes if his client will stay at Old Trafford and be able to compete to become an important player for Ole.

Rumored to be Lifting Feet

In the past few days, news has been circulating about the future Donny Van De Beek. Where many sports media have blown the news that this Dutch player will leave Manchester United.

According to information from the agent, many clubs are willing to line up in line to be able to get the services of their clients this summer. Unfortunately, the player’s departure has not been approved by the Manchester United coach, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

It was previously known that the midfielder had received an offer from Everton on loan. However, the club, especially coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, immediately blocked his steps from being able to leave Old Trafford this summer in 2021. The Norwegian coach boasted to the media that he would give playing time to Donny Van De Beek.

The Norwegian coach is known to still hold off Donny Van De Beek’s steps and ask him to stay. Whereas last season the player was only a bench warmer. This is because Manchester United more often use the services of Bruno Fernandes and also Paul Pogba. However, in the eyes of the coach there are still big plans for this 24-year-old midfielder.

The agent also assesses that his current client will still answer the challenge that will be given by Manchester United at Old Trafford. To talkSPORT, Guido Albers as agent of Donny Van De Beek said that his client is ready to compete in this new season. Donny is considered ready to show his abilities as what the club wants.

Trust the Club

Albers admitted that he currently believes in the policy taken by the club to keep his client at Manchester United. The hope is that Manchester United can maximize the role of Donny Van De Beek and provide more regular playing hours.

“We will see in the next few months whether the club will use its power (Donny Van De Beek) or not. Hopefully the club will really use his services, because if this is not fulfilled, we will take other steps as a solution. However, it seems that for now this will not be necessary,” explained Guido Albers to talkSPORT.

Able to compete

More via media ride88 Through the agent of the Dutch playmaker, he explained that his client is a player with above average playing ability. So he is very confident that his clients will be able to compete and answer the challenges that exist today.

“In the next few months, the public will know that Donny Van De Beek is capable of becoming a good player for Manchester United. Donny is able to become a player that the fans can look forward to who always support him all the time,” continued the agent.

“He will be a successful player and will continue to be patient to wait for opportunities. He (Donny Van De Beek) is a good boy even though many people underestimate him. So I’m sure those who have underestimated him will lick their own spit later,” said the agent.

For the start of the 2021/ this time, Donny Van De Beek looks like he hasn’t played yet. Of the three matches that have been played by the Red Devils squad, the original midfielder has not been seen Dutch National Team it comes down to the field.

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