Suddenly Nadiem Makarim Gives Happy News, Please Read!

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1NEWS – Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Mendikbudristek), Nadiem Makarim gave good news about the PPKK teacher allowance in 2022.

Later, the allowance will be allocated through a non-physical special allocation fund (DAK).

“So, one of the 2021 non-physical DAKs is prioritized for teacher allowances in 2022, taking into account the PPPK teachers who will be accepted in 2021,” said Nadiem Makarim in Jakarta, Thursday (2/9/2021).

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In addition to the 2021 PPPK teacher allowance, the 2022 non-physical DAK in the education sector is also prioritized for three other main things.

First, the distribution of school operational assistance (BOS), PAUD operational assistance (BOP), and equivalence BOP which will be transferred directly to the account of the education unit.

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“So, the implementation is the same as in 2020,” said Nadiem.

Later, the BOS funds will be directly channeled into the education unit’s account so that it can reduce delays by an average of 32 percent, or three weeks faster than the distribution in 2019.

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“This is an extraordinary achievement, it is very helpful for school principals and also parents in the area who usually have to first provide this fund for their students,” he explained.


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