Tegar Septian’s wife accused of selling fake cream, Sarah Sheilka: The ingredients are already BPOM

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Tegar’s family, a former child busker, is now in the spotlight of netizens. The Covid-19 pandemic has succeeded in making Tegar and his small family nervous. In fact, Tegar, who now works as a famous singer, has to return to the streets to sing in order to support his wife and children.

On the other hand, Tegar’s wife also takes advantage of her free time by opening a number of businesses on line. One business that is being worked on seriously is beauty products. Unfortunately, the product belonging to Tegar’s wife had to get negative views from a number of netizens. Product skincare Sarah Sheilka’s property was accused of being a fake product. In response to this, Sarah finally opened her voice and gave her clarification.

Sarah Sheilka opens her voice over the accusations of netizens calling the product skincare His property is fake because it is not registered with BPOM

Sarah Sheilka, wife of Tegar Septian is now in the spotlight of netizens. Because, product skincare What he sells is accused of being fake by a number of netizens. This allegation arises because the product is still not registered with the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM). As the owner, Sarah does not deny this. He responded openly to the attacks of netizens who accused the product.

Product news skincare This hoax has become a hot topic in gossip accounts and television shows. Some time ago, Sarah appeared on the Rumpi program and specifically discussed the issue of the allegations. In her interview, Sarah tries to defend herself. He said that his products have been sold even abroad. Sarah also guarantees that her products are safe to use even though they have not been registered with BPOM. Moreover, Sarah is a graduate in pharmacy who knows about the composition of beauty product concoctions.

“Indeed, for the product, it is not yet BPOM but our ingredients are already BPOM. And we have also sent abroad, to Hong Kong. Maybe most BPOM people are important. It’s just that for the ingredients, I’m basic in pharmacy, I know how to mix, because in the past, I used to mix it up to make cream,” Sarah explained.

Sarah is waiting for the capital to be collected to register her product with BPOM. According to Sarah, registering products with BPOM requires a lot of money

Warganet’s accusations/Credit: Instagram @sarahsheilka

In addition to explaining the safety of the products she sells, Sarah also revealed her reason for not registering her products with BPOM. Again, the problem of economic difficulties is the number one issue. As we know, the Covid-19 pandemic has made it difficult for many people to find income. Sarah’s husband, Tegar Septian, even had to return to singing on the streets to support his wife’s children.

Sarah admitted that registering our products with BPOM requires a lot of capital. Now he is collecting so that his products are registered quickly. Sarah emphasized that the product skincare His property is made from safe ingredients that have been registered with BPOM. Finally, he also asked for support and prayers from netizens so that he could immediately get capital. Sarah said that support is far more useful than insulting even to the point of accusing falsehood of the products she sells.

“Alhamdulillah, my products do not use hazardous materials, indeed the products themselves do not have BPOM, but we use materials that have BPOM. Taking care of BPOM requires a lot of money, just pray that BPOM will be able to quickly, please pray for the good, not insult each other, “he said.


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