The Amendment Issue Becomes a Snowball, Fadli Zon: We’re Just A Referendum!

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1NEWS – Member of the House of Representatives Commission I Fadli Zon gave his response regarding the discourse on the amendment of the 1945 Constitution which is currently being hotly discussed.

As is known, this issue began to resurface after the National Mandate Party (PAN) became a coalition of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

“I suggest that if anyone wants to change the constitution, we just have a referendum,” he told 1NEWS, Friday (3/9).

Not without reason, Fadli Zon said that the 3-period amendment requires a big decision.

Because, according to him, the homeland is not only owned by a handful of people.

“Indonesia does not belong to a few people. The future of Indonesia belongs to all the people,” he said.

On the other hand, PKS politician Mardani Ali Sera believes that the amendment is not illegal, because evaluations must continue.

“However, in the condition that the three-period issues have developed and the balance between the coalition and the opposition is uneven, the idea of ​​amendments is very dangerous,” said Mardani.

Not only that, according to him, Covid-19 is one of the reasons that makes it difficult for people to argue and discuss the 3 period amendments.

“Not to mention, during the pandemic we cannot optimally argue. There is no quality discourse,” he said.

He then said that there are 2 conditions to change the constitution or make amendments.

“The elite are wise, they don’t think about groups or personal interests. Then the people are smart. Therefore, it takes a long time for dialogue,” he said.

One example, according to Mardani Ali Sera, is the revision of the KPK Law and the Omnibus Law.

“The consultation and public discourse did not go well. If this is forced, it will make the community more pent up,” he said.

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