The Groom’s Viral Hasn’t Memorized Prayers to Make Children, the Penghulu Laughs!

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The groom’s video has not memorized the prayer to make a child viral on social media. The bride’s confession made the penghulu laugh.

The viral video was uploaded by the TikTok account @antzcreator and reposted by the Instagram account @kamerapengawas, Sunday (29/8).

“Full of entertainment but with the best meaning & advice, always healthy, Pak Penghulu,” wrote the caption of the supervisory camera quoted by VIVA, Monday (30/8).

The viral video shows the atmosphere of the consent procession. It looks like a prince holding a microphone is delivering marriage advice.

“The Messenger of Allah ordered 4 things,…start praying before making,” the prince suddenly turned his gaze to the groom, “Have you memorized the prayer, son?” asked the chief.

“Not yet,” replied the groom. “Huh… not yet? Then what’s next?” asked the penghulu, surprised and laughed out loud.

“Bismillah,” replied the groom again. “WL?” said the penghulu with a smile following the groom’s answer.

Then this penghulu explained at length about marriage advice, including the chapter on the relationship between husband and wife, aka making this child.


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