The meaning of the name Kim which is also one of the Korean surnames

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Meaning of the name Kim

For those of you who love Korean dramas, have you ever thought about what the name Kim means? Being a surname of Korean citizens, who would have thought there was a meaning contained in this one name.

The greeting that is no less good than Ryu is indeed from Korean. However, you can still use it as a naming reference for your beloved baby.

Most importantly, you must be wise when choosing other names to be combined. So that not only the naming sequence is good, but the meaning as well.

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Meaning of the name Kim

In Korean, the meaning of the name Kim is gold. This nickname is the most widely used family or clan designation in the Ginseng country. Even so, naming Kim does not mean that he comes from the same family clan.

In other words, a fellow surnamed Kim may come from a common ancestor. After reading the explanation above, you may be curious about the meaning of the names of South Korean celebrities with the surname Kim such as Seok-jin, Nam-joon, Tae-hyung, or Min-gyu.

Unfortunately, the naming sequence cannot be taken literally because the meaning is also seen from the writing of hanja characters or Korean characters originating from China. Meanwhile in Western countries, Kim is also widely used as an abbreviation to say hello.

Call it Kimberley, Kimberly, Kimithi, or Kimiko. Furthermore, the following is a list of Kim’s names from various languages:

  • Kim in Scandinavian means kthe resurrection of jehovah.
  • Kim in Vietnamese means esir.
  • Kim in Vietnamese means jarum.
  • Kim in English means (another form of kimberly) leader.
  • Kim in Greek means (another form of kimball) an empty place.
  • Kim in characteristic language means tcreatively inspired. Artistic, have good taste. happy at home, hard worker.
  • Kim in history means bshort form from Kimberley. Popular by the hero in Rudy Kipling’s novel, Kim (1901), later by film stars Kim Novak (born 1933), and Kim Basinger (born 1953).
  • Kim in English means plead.
  • Kim in English means vArian from Kylie.
  • Kim in Anglo-Saxon means mnoble or brave.

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Meaning of the name Kim

Consisting of three letters, Kim is described as a person who is full of secrets and shy. Besides that, Kim is someone who is both strong and emotional. Kim is quite confident and good at controlling the situation.

This person likes to do something meaningful in life and is very affectionate to those close to him. Based on Numerology studies, the name “Kim” has a number of digits:

K = 11
I = 9
M = 13

If added together, the number for the name “Kim” is 33. This number is a symbol of a responsible, protective, caring, social, balanced, sympathetic personality.

Kim’s Names and Meanings

Talking about the name Kim, you must be familiar with the Korean band BTS. Is Kim Namjoon aka RM who is leader from BTS. He was born in Ilsan on September 12, 1994.

As a rapper, the man with dimples is certainly very adept at processing words. In fact, most of them are the ones who write and produce the songs released by BTS.

In addition to producing works for his group, until 2019, Kim has released at least two times mixtape or his solo album. The two albums are titled RM (2015) and Mono (2018).

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In addition, you can, lo, combine the beautiful name Kim with other greetings that feel suitable. Check out, let’s look at the following list of names that can be used as references:

  1. Calista Adelia Kim: The most beautiful daughter who is as precious as gold and has good fortune like royalty.
  2. Kim Hana Rania: A girl who is beautiful like a flower, shines like gold, and has a successful life.
  3. Mario Kim Primary: The first son who is strong and heart of gold.
  4. Kim Joshua Kenzo Pradana: The first son who was saved by God, heart of gold, wise, humble, and strong.
  5. Carissa Nara Kim: My beloved daughter who has a heart of gold and has a happy life.
  6. Ryu Kim Miguel: A boy who has a heart of gold, is wise, has extensive knowledge, and brings sustenance to the family.
  7. Pawana Kim Flood: A child who is agile like the wind and enjoys the tranquility that is in his life.
  8. Fulton Kim Ouray: A child who shoots like an arrow and is humble to everyone.
  9. Zoey Kim Saidah: Girls who are always happy and joyful, are also blessed with luck throughout life.
  10. Kim Jatmiko: Boys are loving and very polite and well mannered in life.

Wow Parents it turns out good too, yes, the meaning of the name Kim. Interested in naming your baby with this name?

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