The price of a flying car turns out to be equivalent to the cheapest Lamborghini type

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Flying car

The presence of flying cars in Indonesia does attract attention, because these vehicles are sold to consumers who want to bring them, then how much does this flying car cost?

General importer Prestige Motor is a distributor of the Ehang 216 flying car for consumers in Indonesia. Then how much is the price of a flying car that is claimed to be able to land on this home page.

To be able to bring this flying car, Rudy Salim revealed that the price is not expensive. Even the so-called Ehang 216 is priced no more than the cheapest Lamborghini type.

Flying car photo: Prestige

When referring to the cheapest Lamborghini variant, the Huracan, which is sold at a price of Rp. 8 billion. This means that the price of this flying car will be priced below Rp. 10 billion.

“But it’s still being calculated (price) for sure,” explained Rudy.

The Ehang 216 flying car has been introduced in Indonesia

Prestige Motor previously introduced the Ehang 216 flying car which was exhibited at the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) which took place in April 2021.

This flying car produced by Guangzhou Ehang intelligent technology has a capacity of two passengers for flights. The mileage of this flying car reaches 60 km.

The carrying weight itself reaches 220 kg and is equipped with a pure electric motor that can be charged up to 220v or 380v in 1.5 hours of charging time.

Ehang flying car
Ehang flying car Photo: Prestige

EHang 216 has 16 propellers and 8 arms that can be folded, so it is effective and saves parking area because it only takes up 5 m² of land. As for the dimensions specifications, 1.77 m high and 5.61 m wide. EHang 216 is claimed to be ideal for modern transportation for urban communities.

If the sale of electric cars, which will be tested in Bali next October, is successful in serving private air passengers. Prestige Motor reveals that it will bring the latest Ehang which has a longer range.

Where the ability to fly can reach a distance of up to 400 kilometers.

Flying taxi
Flying taxi Photo: ist

Previously, the presence of the flying car, which was predicted to be a flying taxi, was known through the post on the Instagram account @bambang.soesatyo.

From the photo upload of the flying car, it can be seen that this sky track vehicle has a shape like a drone.
It’s just that its dimensions are certainly larger than drones.

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