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Death is the end of the journey of human life in the world, before entering a new life in the afterlife. In Islam, there are two types of death, namely death in good condition (husnul khatimah) and in bad condition (su’ul khatimah).

As Muslims, of course many people want to die in a good way. Of course the process of death will be closely related to the actions and practices that are lived during life. The five deaths of Husnul Khatimah can be a picture of everything that we plant in the world which will also be the key to our death in the future.

Died in prostration

Reporting from the Suara page, a mosque congregation is said to have died in a state of prostration during prayer. The incident occurred on Thursday (26/8/2021) at the Sei Tualang Raso Grand Mosque, Tanjungbalai City, North Sumatra. The incident of the death of the congregation during prostration was clearly recorded through the CCTV camera in the mosque.

Died while prostrating [sumber gambar]

After being investigated, the congregation who died was named Kalpen Mangunsong, who also served on the Advisory Board at the mosque. Videos of Kalpen’s death have also been uploaded to various Instagram accounts, one of which is @ events_around_kita which has been watched more than 3,000 times. Warganet also flooded the comments column with prayers and good wishes.

Imam of the prayer room dies during the Maghrib prayer

Monday, April 13 2021 evening, a prayer room imam named Shopian reportedly died while leading the Maghrib prayer. Shopian (58) is the imam of the Hidayatullah prayer room, Wonogiri Hamlet, Wonokerto Village, Bantur District, Malang Regency. During his life, Shopian was known as a good person and worked as a Koran teacher in his village.

Mr. Shopian’s funeral procession in Bantur [sumber gambar]

No one expected, Shopian died without suffering from any disease. The family also felt sincere for the departure of Sophian, who died in a state of worship. Shopian’s death in a state of prostration, while leading the prayer is certainly one of the deaths that many Muslims crave.

Died while reading

A video uploaded to the @generation_muda _nu_official account on Sunday (1/2/2021) suddenly went viral on social media. In the video, it shows a man who is reciting the holy Qur’an, then slowly weakens, falls from his seat, and is declared dead.

Posting videos of the moments of the death of KH Jajang [sumber gambar]

The man is known as a religious leader named KH Jajang bin KH Busyrol Karim, who at that time was reciting the Koran at the Walimatunnikah event in the Cijenuk area, Cilili, West Bandung Regency. According to the information obtained, KH Jajang is indeed suffering from an illness.

Died while reciting next to his wife’s corpse

Hj. Ummi Munawaroh and H. Fathan Sibyan are a husband and wife who died in the near future. According to the account uploaded by @berita_bojonegoro2 on Saturday (6/2/2021), at that time the husband was reading the Koran beside his wife’s body. Suddenly the husband suddenly had a heart attack and died.

Upload a video to the Instagram account @berita_bojonegoro2 [sumber gambar]

According to residents, Hj. Ummi died at 02.30, then followed H. Fathan at 04.00 on Friday (5/2/2021). The two couples were eventually buried in the same grave. The death of these two lovebirds certainly invites admiration and prayers from netizens, that true love is true.

4 children died while reading

Andi Bahar Jufri (70), a man from Makassar is grateful to have pious and pious children. Four of his eight children died at a very young age while reading the Koran. One of the most viral is the story of Ayunin Bahar’s death on Thursday (7/3/2019) and Aisyah Bahar.

Aisyah Bahar’s photo [sumber gambar]

He died shortly after performing the Maghrib prayer in a state of worship. His sister, Aisyah Bahar, had died earlier on Thursday (4/1/2018), while praying at the Raudhatul Jannah Mosque, Makassar. In fact, both have no history of any disease.

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People say, death is a secret of God that cannot be guessed how and the conditions of death. Of course, the 5 deaths above did not escape all the good deeds that have been done. Therefore, as Muslims, we need to improve our behavior and practice of life in the world.

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