The Viral of Three Men Who Are Similar to Warkop DKI Personnel, Warganet: This Is The Right One If You Want To Make A Film

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Warkop DKI is a legendary comedy group in Indonesia. Every level of society knows its members, namely Dono, Kasino and Indro. The popularity of this comedy group has been imprinted on the public considering they managed to entertain with their legendary comedy and films.

Today there is only one Warkop member who is still alive, Indro. In memory of this most legendary comedy group, some people even made a film reborn and using well-known actors to play Dono, Kasino and Indro himself. Apart from that, some time ago 3 young men who were said to be similar to Warkop DKI members went viral when they were young. Who are they? Let’s just read in full below!

3 young men named Alfred, Alfin and Sepriadi are viral on social media. They shocked the virtual world because of their resemblance to Warkop DKI members when they were young

Warkop DKI has again become a topic of discussion for netizens. Not because of his work, it started when 3 young men were said to be very similar to the members of the legendary comedy group. There are photos and videos showing the 3 young people on social media. Not only the face, their body posture is also similar to the members of the warkop DKI when they were young.

The three youths who are said to be similar to Dono Kasino Indro did indeed make a sketch of Warkop following the original comedy group. The youths, named Alfred, Alfin and Sepriadi respectively, show their resemblance when acting and smiling. Apart from that, the video of this resemblance has been spread on various social media.

Warganet said that they were very similar to Warkop DKI members. Not a few people told them to play the Warkop Reborn movie

Warganet comments/Credit: Instagram @insta_julid

The appearance of 3 youths who are similar to Warkop DKI members is certainly a highlight for netizens. Many people say that Alfred, Sepriadi and Alfin are more suitable to act as actors in films reborn Warkop. This can be seen from the speaking style and dress style of these youths who are considered very similar to Dono, Kasino and Indro when they were young.

In addition to people who say they are similar, not a few netizens are surprised by the resemblance of these 3 young men. Many netizens did not expect that the moment created by Alfred, Alfin and Sepriadi could go viral because it looks similar to their idol. Apart from that, the thing that made these three young men go viral was their love for Warkop DKI. They are even willing to change their appearance and buy retro clothes in the style of Warkop DKI members. Cool!


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