These 5 Sounds Babies Can Hear From In The Womb; Amaze!

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Pregnancy is a time of the most attention. Moms who are pregnant will certainly be more detailed in paying attention to fetal growth and development. Especially if the gestational age is getting bigger, this seems to make Moms impatient to see her face. Even when the gestational age enters 18 weeks, the fetus can hear you, Moms. He will easily respond to what he hears.

The ability of the fetus to be able to hear from inside the womb was also revealed by Obstetrics Expert, Denyse Kirkbly. In the womb, the baby is surrounded by amniotic fluid. Later, the sound that is heard vibrates through the amniotic fluid. Denyse also said that with the amniotic fluid, the ability to hear the fetus is very good so there is no need to use it headphones.

Here are some sounds that can be heard by the fetus. Moms no longer need to use assistive devices because they will only interfere with the fetus.

1. The voice of the mother who bore him. The sound that the fetus likes the most since in the womb

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The baby’s heart rate will slow down when he hears the mother’s voice. They not only like their mother’s voice but are also able to recognize and find their own comfort in the mother’s voice. It’s no wonder that many pregnant moms often stroke their stomachs and talk to them. This is because the fetus is able to store its memory well even though it has not been able to respond.

2. The sound of soothing music. This type of music can make the fetus feel relaxed

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Pregnant women are actually encouraged to listen to soothing music. This turned out to be able to make the fetus feel more comfortable. The fetus is able to hear soft music and simple tones so that it can provide a calming effect. Moms should try it so that later when he is born he becomes accustomed to the strains of the music.

3. The sound of the mother’s organs. The fetus turns out to be able to hear clearly the sound of the mother’s organs carrying it

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Facts show that the fetus can hear clearly what is happening to the mother’s organs. He could even hear the sound of his mother’s stomach being hungry, the sound of a heartbeat to the sound of blood flowing. It’s amazing, Mom.

4. Noise in the surroundings. This can come from the noise of music concerts, airplane noises and other engine noises

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For pregnant women who have entered the age of the second and third trimesters, you should avoid being in places that are too noisy. This is because the baby can hear clearly so it will disturb him. Facts also mention that noise can disturb the baby in the womb. For Moms who are pregnant, avoid being in a noisy place or the sound of repeated intervals. The danger, noise can put the fetus at risk of hearing loss in the womb.

5.Voice ultrasound, For example, when the mother checks ultrasound

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Inspection ultrasound able to create a loud sound in the uterus so that the fetus can hear it clearly. According to expert doctors, the sound effects you hear when you do ultrasound similar to the subway as it passes through the station. That’s why experts advise against doing it ultrasound too often. In addition, it is better when doing ultrasound, the tool is kept away from the fetal ear so as not to interfere.

The baby’s ability to hear should be put to good use. Moms should avoid noises that disturb her. That is why a good environment is very important for fetal development. Hope it’s useful, Moms!

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