This Bread Seller Weeps When His Merchandise is Bought by Good People – 1NEWS

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The coronavirus pandemic is not over yet. Because of this, the economic difficulties have been felt by many parties, especially the traders. Their income continues to decline. But for those who remain economically stable, there are still many who are kind enough to help each other in their own way.

Recently, a young man known as Stevan uploaded a touching moment on his TikTok @steven.stenlyy. On the way, he met a traveling baker. Knowing that the father’s bread was still full, aka no one had bought it yet, Stevan approached the father to buy the bread.

The price of one loaf is IDR 2 thousand. Stefan was confused about how much to buy. Finally, Stefan chose to buy it. The father trembled, could not believe his merchandise was bought. The total is IDR 356 thousand. However, Stefan gave more money amounting to Rp 500 thousand.

“This man was shaking for the first time his sales were pushed. I give Rp 500 thousand.”

Seeing the video, netizens also gave various compliments. They thanked the man named Stevan for helping the father by buying all his merchandise.

“Slaam from kalbar. Thank you for buying up your father for sale. He’s handsome again,” wrote ‘intandiman’.

“Healthy always, cheap fortune handsome. Amen yra,” wrote ‘Reny Beb’.

“Thank you so much to all the good people out there. Don’t get tired of being a good person, sis,” wrote ‘son of Pak Bambang’.

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