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Begging and busking are two activities whose status is often still in doubt, whether it is classified as a job or not. Maybe we can still be reasonable if the begging is an old person and the buskers actually sing the song with intention. But what we often encounter in the field is just the opposite. Not infrequently we meet young beggars and buskers who have no intention of singing songs.

One of the common modes used to attract sympathy by beggars and buskers is to bring children. The hope is of course to make it look welded in the eyes of others so that it can gain more results. This is said to be a modus because several times it was found that the children were rented or not their own.

Even so, it turns out that we can’t beat all beggars or buskers who bring children are fraudsters.

A Facebook user named Nur Faizah shared her story when she met a busker mother carrying a child in her arms.

Nur Faizah recounted that she met the busker in front of the mini market after shopping. The busker is seen playing a kecrekan made of a bottle filled with pebbles.

As we all think, Nur Faizah was initially skeptical about buskers who brought children. But somehow, at that time he felt something tickle his heart to give a helping hand.

Nur Faizah then invited Mrs. Rima, the name of the busker, to enter the mini market and gave her an empty basket to fill her needs with the child in her arms.

“Mom, this is an empty basket, you can fill the needs of the mother and child. It’s free,” said Nur Faizah.

The first sign that Mrs. Rima doesn’t use her children as a mode can be seen from how she doesn’t practice while she is given freedom. After a moment of silence, Mrs. Rima then filled the basket with two cans of sweet thick. It turned out that sweet condensed was a routine breakfast that he usually gave to his children and mother at home because of the limited money to buy rice.

Nur Faizah then added rice and sardines in addition. In addition, he also bought Milo a box for his son. But this time the gift was rejected by Mrs. Rima.

He told me that when he was singing, he often bought Milo’s milk at the roadside ice shop for Rizki as a gift. A packet of Milo’s milk was diluted with plenty of water so that both of them could drink it. Even though it was watery and not tasty, they drank the watery Milo deliciously. Mrs. Rima is afraid that if Rizki tries the boxed Milo, he will enjoy it and will no longer want to drink watery Milo while he will never have enough money to buy another box of Milo for Rizki,” she said explaining what the mother said.

Mrs. Rima also seemed very receptive to what was given by Nur Faizah. When offered additional ingredients such as oil and granulated sugar to take home, Mrs. Rima chose to refuse on the grounds that they were still available.

Bu Rima prefers to take raw crackers. According to his explanation, these crackers can be used as a side dish when supplies run out.

Mrs. Risma’s character seems to be reflected in Rizki. When offered to buy snacks, Rizki only took one box of Pocky, a snack he often saw eaten by his friends from his house. Rizki refused when offered ice cream and nuggets.

“No need ma’am, thank God,” said Rizki.

After the shopping activity, Nur Faizah had a little chat with Mrs. Rima. From that conversation, he understood that the reason Mrs. Rima carried the child in her arms was because of the circumstances. Rizki has a crooked spine that makes him unable to walk.

“Once a week we go to the orthopedic doctor at the RSCM for control, ma’am,” said Mrs. Rima.

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