This Father and Mother Have 24 Children, Often Call the Children’s Names Wrong Because Most of them – 1NEWS

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The story of a married couple from the neighboring country, Malaysia has recently become a hot topic of conversation on social media. Because, they are said to have as many as 24 children.

The story of the husband and wife was told directly by Muhammad Mukmin Al Muttaqi who was the 5th child of the 24 siblings.

The video that recorded the moment of Muhammad Mukmin Al Muttaqi’s interview was shared by the Tiktok account @enche_rambutan and then went viral on social media. Launching from Mstar, Mukmin shared that he has 23 siblings from the same father.

Investigate a calibaration, apparently the believer has two mothers. He explained that the first mother had 15 children. While the second mother was blessed with 9 children. Muhammad Mukmin Al Muttaqi himself is the fifth child of 24 siblings.

“I am the fifth of 24 siblings and we have two mothers. The first mother has 15 children and the second mother has nine children.” said Mukmin quoted from Instagram mstaronlineofficial, Friday (3/9/2021).

Uniquely, Mukmin admitted that he and his 23 siblings and parents lived in the same house. It didn’t stop there, because there were so many children living together, Mukmin also said that his parents often called their children’s names wrong.

“Some of us have been given long names like myself… it’s really hard to remember, especially when asked spontaneously. Likewise, if someone asks this sister, what number is it,” said Mukmin.

In fact, the believer said that his father often forgot to distinguish between brother and sister.

Because they live in the same house, Mukmin also said that the situation at his house every day is always crowded with the presence of his younger siblings.

“Every day is festive, but on the holidays, it’s even more festive. You don’t have to wait for your brother to come, even your own brothers and sisters are already busy. Usually, for the theme color of our t-shirts, there are two colors,” he said

After being shared, the upload went viral and reaped various comments from netizens. Not a few who claim to be surprised to know the number of relatives owned by the believer.

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