This Kara Old Grandmother lives in a leaky house and often eats rice mixed with rainwater sauce | Most Exciting

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Most Fun – A grandmother in Tegal, Central Java lives alone in a house that is no longer suitable for habitation. The income is far from sufficient because he is no longer able to work and can only scavenge junk. It’s sad that if you pay for it a month, you can only dull the amount of Rp. 15 thousand.

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The money he collected for a month from the results of scavenging the junk he used to meet his needs for a month. The money he will buy as much as half a kilo of rice. Indeed, for some people, Rp. 15 thousand is not a large amount, but for Grandma, this money is used to survive.

“Maybe for us money with that nominal doesn’t really mean much, it’s only enough for a snack once, but for Grandma the money is to last for a month,” write a description in the upload of the Instagram account @rumahyatim.

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In addition, this grandmother currently lives in a house that is no longer suitable for habitation. If during the rainy season, rainwater will enter because many roofs are leaking. In fact, he also often eats wet rice because it is exposed to rainwater that enters his house. He was forced to keep eating the rice because he got it with difficulty.

“It can’t be helped, hungry grandmother, to buy it is already hard” said the grandmother with a very unfortunate fate.

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The story of Grandma who comes from Tegal, Central Java makes netizens sad. Many netizens commented on the upload of the @rumahyatim Instagram account. They were also seen praying for their grandmother.

I pray that all those who help will be able to carry out their sustenance and be given happiness in every second of their life, Amen,” wrote the comment @idoy_bgr3.

Ya Allah, may my grandmother be in sht wal’afiyat cheap sustenance with Allah SWT Amen, robal alamin,continued @fatimamahid.

We don’t have an orphanage for old people who don’t have families, right? It’s a shame that no one takes care of it 🙁” replied @naie_y.

15 thousand a month, means a day 500 silver grandma’s income, what do you eat??,said @azharititimrazali.

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