This Salted Egg Seller does not give up on the situation, he still struggles to make a living even though he has vision problems – 1NEWS

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Physical imperfection is not an obstacle to keep working and earn money. That’s what this father did. He still sells salted eggs even though he has visual impairment in his eyes.

A netizen shared the story of this father through his account called @bestpartofu. He told me that this man was selling salted eggs in front of Matahari Singosaren, Surakarta. He sat there and waited for someone to buy his wares.

The tweet, which was made on March 10, has been retweeted 6.1 thousand times and liked by 5.2 thousand Twitter users. Here are the replies from some netizens.

@yupootae replied, “My father used to sell boiled peanuts, sis and it was near my high school. but lately I’ve seen that his father doesn’t sell peanuts anymore, it turns out he’s selling salted eggs. Btw, thanks for the info, sis.”

@diki_imba wrote, “Almost every day I talk to this father and his father is kind, if you want to help by buying the merchandise, that’s enough.”

@Ahmadri47851425 commented, “I can’t bear to see how sad it is, I hope you are given health and abundant fortune, amen.”

This man sells his wares very cheaply, which is only Rp. 3,500 per egg. He said he prefers to sell eggs rather than being a beggar. Come on, sell this father’s merchandise. Help spread this information so that more people know and help him.

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