Top 10 TV Ratings Thursday, September 2: Love Bonds Rise Thanks to New Conflicts, From Middle School Window Down Again

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1NEWS – Signs of a new conflict coming back to make the soap opera Ikatan Cinta toothed. Meanwhile, the soap opera Dari Jendela SMP continues to decline. This time it is under the Mega Series Suara Hati Istri: Anjani which airs simultaneously. In the list of the top 10 ratings for broadcast on Thursday (2/9), there were not many shifts, especially from ranks 1 to 8. At the top of the rating, Ikatan Cinta increased with TVR of 12.2 and audience share of 46.1 percent.

The second and third places are still occupied by Amanah Wali 5 and Putri For Prince. The two main RCTI soap operas each collected TVR/share of 5.9/33.7 and 4.1/20.3. Especially for Princesses for Princes, this is the first time that her TVR has returned to number 4 since she last won it on August 25, 2021.

Steps 4 to 6 are occupied by Wife’s Diary, Mega Series Suara Hati Wife: Anjani, and Instinctive Heart which each won TVR/share 3.3/13.0, 2.7/12.3, and 2.6/14 ,2. Credit to Instinct Hati, since the first day staying in the top 6. From the Junior High School window, which was ranked 7th, it again experienced a decline from TVR/share 2.5/15.4 to 2.3/14.2. I don’t know what the cause is. It seems that the soap opera made by Indrayanto Kurniawan needs to refresh the story so that it doesn’t drop any further.

Upin & Ipin Starting from MNCTV, it did not move from rank 8 with a TVR of 2.1 and an audience share of 11.2 percent. Slightly superior to the share of Special Cinema: Sabrina who won 8.1 percent and TVR 2.1. Rank 10 was surprisingly occupied by Love Story The Series SCTV which managed to collect TVR 2 with an audience share of 19.0 percent. The share gain of Love Story The Series is the highest compared to other Sinemart soap operas.


Writer Indra Kurniawan

Editor Suyanto Soemohardjo


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