Up in arms! Old Photos Circulating Rezky Aditya with Kekey Putri Wenny Ariani, Netizens: Come on, Unpack All the Photos!

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An old photo appears allegedly Rezky Aditya with Wenny Ariani’s daughter, Kekey. The photo of Kekey, the child that Wenny Ariani claimed was Rezky Aditya’s son, suddenly appeared in cyberspace.

An Instagram account @kelanakemanaaja has uploaded the photo. The account uploaded two photos of Rezky Aditya with Kekey. The old portrait is a picture when Kekey was a toddler.

In the first photo, Rezky Aditya is seen smiling at the camera while holding Kekey. The other photo, Rezky changing poses, raising his eyebrows slightly and opening his mouth.

“Happily, Kekey is small,” wrote the account as a caption for the photos. This anonymous account also wrote the hashtag #menolaklupa in the uploaded photo of Rezky Aditya with Kekey.

Uploaded three days ago, several netizens highlighted Kekey’s face which is considered similar to Rezky Aditya’s son, Keene Atharrazka Adhitya.

“Similar to Athar, yes,” said a netizen.

“Oh my gosh, looks like Dede Athar. Hopefully the problem will be resolved quickly, “added another.

However, there are also netizens who feel sorry for the fate of the 8-year-old boy.

“Let’s get all the photos out. Why is there a man like this? I feel sorry for thereal_rezkyaditya’s son. Definitely keep asking who the father is,” said netizens.

“There are no ex-children, children are still children. He didn’t ask to be born from who his parents were. It’s just honesty,” said another.

Previously, Wenny Ariani had claimed that Kekey was the daughter of Rezky Aditya. Their relationship was established in 2012. A year later Wenny gave birth to a child.

After Rezky Aditya got into an accident, his relationship with Wenny became strained and even broke off communication. Through his lawyer, Tigor L Manik, Rezky Aditya has denied that Kekey is his flesh and blood.

“The content of the answer is that the defendant does not admit that he has impregnated the plaintiff,” said Tigor.

Source: tribunnews.com

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