Viral 2 Teenage Girls Ask Anies Baswedan to be Photographed at JPO Sudirman | Most Exciting

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Paling Seru

Most Fun – The pedestrian bridge or JPO is one of the most beautiful photo spots in Jakarta. One of them is JPO Sudirman which does not have a roof which makes many people take pictures at JPO Sudirman which also has a tall building in the background.

However, there is a unique incident as seen in the upload of the TikTok account @novitas99. In the upload, it is seen that the account owner uploaded a beautiful photo while at JPO Sudirman with his friends. But behind the beautiful photo, it turns out that the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan, took the picture.

“Behind the beautiful photo. There is a governor who takes a photo (laughing emoticon),” write the account.

The results of the picture also look very beautiful because Anies really pointed the cellphone camera carefully. In the photo, the roads and buildings around the Sudirman area, Central Jakarta look majestic.

The account owner then did not miss to take a photo with Anies who was wearing a long-sleeved brown batik and a medical mask. With pleasure, Anies is willing to take a group photo at the JPO.

“It’s actually very friendly. Thank you, Anies.” he said.

The post was then flooded with comments from netizens. They were also excited. They did not even think that a governor would take a photo of the woman.

“It’s amazing to be directly with the one who owns Jakarta,” said @Ci****. “How come it’s gemesh sii,” said @an*****.

“Continue to be healthy for father,” said @He*****.

“How dare you wkwkwk” Ha**** said.

“You’re excited, I swear,” bright @te****.

“You’re the only one who dares to ask the governor of DKI Jakarta to take a photo, wow,” said @ku*****.

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