Viral Action of Satpol PP Officer Kicks Head of Drunk Youth –

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A video circulating on social media shows a Satpol PP person kicking a young man’s head. The video was shared by the Twitter account @Irwan2yah, Thursday (2/9/2021).
In the video, members of the Satpol PP are caught on camera committing violent acts against youths suspected of being influenced by alcoholic beverages. The young man is said to be drunk. The Satpol PP person immediately approached the young man and kicked him.

Based on information circulating, the incident occurred in Karang Boyo Village, Cepu District, Blora, Central Java.

Head Kick

A number of young men and women seemed to be arrested because they were caught having a drinking party. They were gathered in a field. Then, there was a man in black who was interrogating them.

One of the youths is said to be difficult for members of the Satpol PP to notify. They said they didn’t do alcohol. The Satpol PP member then got emotional. He immediately kicked the young man in the head.

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