Viral Doctor of Enrekang Hospital, South Sulawesi, Says COVID-19 Patients Never Exist | Most Exciting

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Paling Seru – It has been almost two years since Indonesia has been dealing with the so-called “Corona Virus” or “COVID-19”. And so far, thousands of lives have been taken because of it, the community’s economy has deteriorated, and space for movement has been limited due to regulations that have been implemented to break the chain of the virus.

Surprisingly, after a long time struggling against the Corona virus, a statement recently emerged from a doctor at the Enrekang District Hospital, South Sulawesi (Sulses), that COVID-19 is not a diagnosis and COVID-19 patients have never existed.

“Based on my discipline, which is related to the medical profession, an expert in diagnosis, I firmly and clearly stipulate that from the beginning until now doctors, including myself, have never made a diagnosis of COVID-19. That in theory and practice of medicine, THERE IS NEVER A DIAGNOSIS of COVID-19/CORONA VIRUS DISEASE-19. And because of that, the COVID-19 patient never existed,” reads the statement, signed on behalf of dr. Aditi Adil.

Obviously, this statement from doctor Adiany went viral, causing a stir in the social world. The pros and cons of netizens also colored his statement.

But once again, emphatically, Dr. Andiany said that it is true that COVID-19 does not exist.

“That’s not a controversial statement, because what I stated is science, medical science, so it’s fixed, the price is non-negotiable. So, nothing can interfere with the lawsuit. All doctors in any part of the world must know that COVID-19 is not a diagnosis, it is not a type of disease that doctors use as a diagnosis,” he said when confirmed, Thursday (2/9/2021), as reported by

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