Viral Grandma with Mustache and Full Beard Like a Man, Here’s the Condition

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Not long ago it went viral on the timeline of a grandmother who had a mustache and beard. The figure named Halimah suffered a stroke and was unable to work. As a result, he was difficult to shave to look like a man.

Launching from Harian Metro, Thursday (2/9/2021) Che Halimah Che Mood (62) is an elderly mustache and beard. She said that she was a genuine woman who only had physical abnormalities.

“I am not a man, I am a real woman,” he told the Metro Daily, quoted by, Thursday (2/9/2021). Halimah has suffered a stroke for the last eight years.

He has had this disorder since he was 20 years old, because at that age his face began to grow a beard and mustache. Because of the thick mustache and beard, he had to shave two to three times a week to lose the hair on his face.

Halimah has also met with the doctor and explained the problem. The medical team said he had problems with high testosterone.

“For decades I shaved so as not to be seen as strange by those around me. However, because the situation is getting weaker, it is difficult to shave after half a body of mud (stroke),” he explained.

Halimah has no children, so far she has been living with her sister and wife. He received assistance from the Social Welfare Service (JKM), which he usually used to buy disposable diapers.

“Before, I wasn’t open to sharing my problems with anyone except my immediate family, because it made me less confident,” he said.

Quoting from hyperandrogen aka excessive androgen hormone can cause many complaints in women, especially related to appearance. For example, oily skin, acne, to hair growth in unusual areas.

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