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Viral screenshot photo containing the husband’s vent who protested that his wife’s style changed after giving birth. She even asked for forgiveness if husbands were tempted by other women. In the complaint, the husband admitted that his wife’s body was still not proportional even after one month of giving birth.
The husband also admitted that he was disappointed because his wife rarely made up, so he felt embarrassed when traveling with his wife.

“Is it possible or not, a new wife is ready to give birth, mbok yo, don’t be like a maid,” the unnamed man wrote, as reported by the Instagram account @mak_inpoh, Friday (3/9/2021).

“The body is fat, the face is not powdered. Even though the child is already a month old. That’s a diet, take care of eating. Last night I took my wife to Alfamart, I was seriously embarrassed. I told her to go first,” he continued.

The man then compared his wife’s appearance before and after marriage. He suspected that his wife was no longer serious about taking care of herself because she was married.

At the end of his writing, he also seems to make sense if there are husbands who glance at other women because his wife’s appearance at home is not very attractive. “The feeling of walking with 5 children’s mothers is very different when you are not married first. Could it be because the wife thinks she already has a husband so she doesn’t need to take care of herself?” wrote him again.

“For the wives of people out there, don’t blame your husband if you are tempted. Only one child a month has given birth to a very fat body,” concluded the man.

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