Viral Men Praying in the Back of a Mining Truck, ‘Chase Your Afterlife, The World Follows You’ | 1NEWS

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Pursue Your Hereafter

Islamic proverb says ‘pursue your afterlife, and the world will follow you’. This proverb is in accordance with the word of Allah SWT in the letter Ash-Shura: 20 below.

“Whoever desires profit in the hereafter We will increase that profit for him, and whoever desires profit in the world, We give him a portion of it (the profit of this world), but he will not get a share in the hereafter.”

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There were also other Warganet who reminded him of the word of God.

” Great; ‘pursue your afterlife, then the world will follow you’,” wrote aa_ibrooo.

“Salute to a driver who remembers God working and prays for good health, cheap fortune and a long life❤️,” said Suyono.gono.

“Salat is obligatory for a Muslim wherever we are,” said Sulastrisuriansyah.

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