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Perut Six Pack

1NEWS Not only men who want to have a six pack stomach, most women also want to look slim with tight abdominal muscles. In addition to supporting appearance, of course, self-confidence will increase. Well, one way to get a six pack stomach is to exercise regularly.

It’s not easy to get six pack abdominal muscles is not easy. In addition to the need to maintain optimal body fitness, there are several things that need to be considered, as reported by the page hellodoc the following.

Type of sport

Make sure you know the right type of exercise to get toned abdominal muscles and a six pack. There are several movements that can be done to get it, such as straight leg raise, mountain climber, weighted T-raise, and weighted Russian twisted.

These movements focus on the abdominal muscles, so they can help you get tighter abdominal muscles.

Increase protein consumption

In addition to the movements above, don’t forget to follow a proper diet. Eat more foods with high protein content. Because, high protein food intake can help to lose weight and muscle growth in the body, one of which is the abdominal muscles.

Hydrate the body well

Not only exercise and meet protein intake, when you want to build abdominal muscles, you should keep your body hydrated properly. When properly hydrated, the body can perform its functions optimally, from removing waste to regulating body temperature.

When you are hydrated, your metabolism will also run well. This is related to burning fat in the body in order to get six pack abdominal muscles.

Limit eating fast food

Limit consumption of fast food and chips because of the relatively low nutritional content. Vegetables and fruit are healthy foods that you can consume every day. You can also replace snacks with healthy foods, such as salads or nuts.

Meet fiber needs

Meeting fiber needs is something that should not be missed if you want to have six pack abdominal muscles. Meeting fiber needs makes you feel full longer, thus preventing you from gaining weight.

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