Youth Bury Mother’s Body in Front of the House, The Reason Makes Goosebumps

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A young man became a public conversation on social media after burying his mother’s body in the yard.

In the video uploaded by the @adhefin account on TikTok, the young man is seen cleaning his mother’s grave.

“Maybe this is my way,” he wrote in the caption.

Even though he was in the yard, the young man made his mother’s grave similar to a cemetery.

He placed a black tombstone and green grass on the mother’s grave.

The young man also often makes pilgrimages to his mother’s grave complete with neat clothes.

After offering a prayer, the young man also occasionally stroked the tombstone and sprinkled roses and jasmine.

It is not clear what the reason for the young man was to bury his mother’s body in the yard.

However, the public suspected that the reason the man buried his mother’s body in the yard was in accordance with the comments he liked.

“The benefits of a grave in the yard, so if there is a fight for wealth, the house cannot be sold. Let’s keep going home and look,” commented the netizen who seemed liked by the young man.

Other netizens also commented and wrote their hopes for the future.

“I want if one day I die, buried in the yard. So that my grandchildren will visit and pray for me every day,” another commented.

“If my sustenance is enough, I want my parents to be buried in my house area. So that I can continue to visit,” hoped another.


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