10 Bedroom Feng Shui That Makes Couples Stickier

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10 Bedroom Feng Shui Rules That Make Couples Stickier

For many people, marriage is something quite challenging. To keep it going, romance and love alone are not enough. However, there needs to be negotiation, mutual respect, and intense communication between the two. In addition, the feng shui of the bedroom is also related, you know. So what is feng shui?

Knowing the feng shui of the bedroom

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of arranging buildings, objects, and spaces in an environment to achieve harmony and balance in a way that will bring peace and prosperity. Feng shui is one of the Five Metaphysical Arts of China which is classified as physiognomy. The practice of feng shui discusses architecture in terms of the “invisible force” that binds the universe, earth, and humankind together, known as qi.

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Launching from Women’s Weekly, A feng shui consultant named Laura Cerrano said, feng shui is not just a matter of the physical presentation of rooms and interiors in a dwelling. However, feng shui has to do with the emotional harmony and energy of the room. He also shared some tips that can be done to increase the romance of a married couple by paying attention to the feng shui of the bedroom.

1. Position the bed correctly

According to the feng shui of the bedroom, you must ensure that the bed chosen is correct and the position is right. Make sure the bed is not pushed into a corner. The bed should be easily accessible from all directions. Thus, positive energy and balance in the room are intertwined. This is a symbol of creating equal space for you and your partner.

2. Choose a headboard or a frame made of wood

10 Bedroom Feng Shui Rules That Make Couples Stickier

Your headboard and bed frame play an important role in optimizing the feng shui of your bedroom. Choose the headboard and frame of solid wood because the wood element is associated with symbolic properties that support your body and energy when sleeping with your partner.

3. Always close the door

10 Bedroom Feng Shui Rules That Make Couples Stickier

No door should be open in the bedroom, especially at night, when you and your partner are sleeping. An open door is a sign of good opportunity, but only when it comes to business. This does not bode well for your personal life as it provides an invitation for external influences.

4. Avoid puddles

10 Bedroom Feng Shui Rules That Make Couples Stickier

One of the most important feng shui tips for romance is to avoid standing water in the room. This doesn’t necessarily mean waterfalls. Even a small fountain or even an aquarium would be a bad idea to include in the bedroom, as the water will “thaw” the love between you and your partner.

5. Don’t plug in the television

10 Bedroom Feng Shui Rules That Make Couples Stickier

Having a television or even a radio in the bedroom is distracting and can distract from more important things like marital sex. There are some feng shui theories that even state that having a television in your bedroom is like a third party invitation to enter into this relationship.

6. Put some plants or flowers around the bedroom

10 Bedroom Feng Shui Rules That Make Couples Stickier

Plants and flowers have always been a symbol of love, beauty and life and it will be beneficial for you to have greenery in your bedroom or even at home. Keep them in the southwest corner as much as you can. Remember to treat and remove all dead flowers and leaves as often as possible as this is an unwelcome aspect of feng shui for love.

7. Put a pair of items

10 Bedroom Feng Shui Rules That Make Couples Stickier

Feng shui for romance states that you should place things in pairs around the bedroom. For example, instead of having one side table, have two side tables on either side of the bed. Instead of one frame on the wall, hang two. It can help improve your love life.

8. Choose the right color

10 Bedroom Feng Shui Rules That Make Couples Stickier

The color of your bedroom should match feng shui for a married couple. Choose romantic colors because these colors will increase the romantic aspect of the relationship. Pink or red are good choices. Avoid using black, brown, and green in your room decor.

9. Avoid installing mirrors in the room

10 Bedroom Feng Shui Rules That Make Couples Stickier

From a feng shui perspective, a mirror in the bedroom should not be because it has past energy that could potentially bring a third party to your wedding. In addition, mirrors are said to be highly charged, which can lead to restless sleep. It is best to keep the bedroom free from reflections.

10. Hang some art

10 Bedroom Feng Shui Rules That Make Couples Stickier

The photos and images you choose to bring into the bedroom are directly correlated with the energy you bring to life. Install romantic paintings or decorations on the bed. If not, you can put some romantic photos of you and your partner.


Well, those are some bedroom feng shui tips that you can apply in your bedroom, Parents. Who knows you and your partner are getting stickier, right?

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