10 Forms of Hedon for Poor Friends in Kos. No need to be weird, just like this, it’s really luxurious, bro~

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Some time ago, a Twitter citizen named @bhadbhabby created a thread that caused a stir on the entire timeline. He compared two portraits of himself when he was in a difficult condition and in a situation that he thought was hedonized. The funny thing is, many netizens think that what @bhadbhabby says hedon is not really a spree.

Hadeeh, even though, right, people’s standards of luxury are different, right? What you think is luxurious doesn’t mean the same to everyone else. Vice versa. Especially for boarding house children, often something that is considered trivial by many people is a luxury for boarding children. Well, for example like this~

1. For the poor friends of boarding house children who usually eat Indo*e and fried eggs everyday, ordering food above 50 thousand feels really good!

Order food. via lifestyle.okezone.com

2. Now, if you are a fellow boarding house child, you will still be considered a true poor friend if you still use a starter pack other than Telkomsel. Anyway, if you use Telkomsel, it’s already the richest!

Rich man’s identity card. via shopee.co.id

3. Go up to a more hedonistic level, usually the boarding children will work together to buy a mini fridge. Even though the ends are just filled with syrup, mineral water, and eggs

Kids mini fridge. via www.youtube.com

4. Buy a used Chinese brand tube TV. Usually if not Changhong, yes, TCL. At most stuck, I can only watch 3 TV stations, the important thing is hedooon~

second-hand tube TV. via www.olx.co.id

5. If this one seems reasonable, it’s called hedon. Because it’s only the children who have money to eat who are able to accumulate snacks for daily snacking

Save snacks. via ask.fm

6. As a form of collective hedon, boarding children usually also take the initiative to install Wi-Fi. Seriously, when it happened, it felt like the most like a gang because I connect to the internet every day

Install Wi-Fi. via ask.fm

7. One of the sufferings of boarding children is that they never change their sheets, they just use the same thing. So if he has more than one bed sheet, he should be assessed as hedon. A lot of money, Cuy~

Sheets in the style of boarding children. via www.arsitur.com

8. Don’t eat Indomie, don’t eat salt rice! If someone already brings dry side dishes from their hometown, it feels like a big party

Typical dry side dishes for boarding children. via www.facebook.com

9. Playing cards with all the other residents until the morning and then buying Fanta, the next morning when the pee was all red. The important thing is to see mevvaaah~

Play cards every night. / Photo: Rudiprastyo via rudiprastyo.blogspot.com

10. The most luxurious, making it crowded, and at the same time being respected by many other friends, the only way that is the most hedonistic is renting PS. It’s really great to be a hangout base every day

Rent PS like a boarding house child. via www.cari-kos.com

Maybe for some people, the things above are problems that have no element of extravagance at all. But, make no mistake, for boarding children, these 10 things are the most luxurious activities that you often do. His name is also different people’s standards, right? So don’t lump it all together, yeah, guys!

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