110-year-old grandmother willing to sell mobile crackers using sticks to survive – 1NEWS

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Old age should be spent at home with children and grandchildren, but what this elderly grandmother experienced was different. At the age of 110 years, grandmother still sells around on the street.

The old grandmother was named Mbah Ngatiyem. Everyday, the grandmother who is more than a century old sells crackers in the South Square area of ​​Yogyakarta.

Using a cane, he walked slowly while hunched over. A Twitter user who owns the @budakbaonk_ri account also had time to capture a video when Mbah Ngatiyem was selling.

“Oh God, the seller of crackers in South Square, Yogyakarta, her name is Ms. Ngatiyem, she is 110 years old. For those who saw it, she asked for help, please buy more. She sells using sticks. I hope you are healthy & long and given a lot of sustenance.. Amen,” write uploader.

It is not yet known who Mbah Ngatiyem’s family is and where she lives, but her persistence in earning sustenance in her old age has touched netizens. Various prayers and hopes were also offered by netizens.

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