4 Evidence of Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan’s Prospective Husband’s Intimacy

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Ricis and Teuku Ryan's romance

The news of YouTuber Ria Ricis’s wedding plan and a handsome man named Teuku Ryan is still in the spotlight of netizens and Indonesian entertainment media. Recently, a number of proofs of Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan’s intimacy were revealed to the public through a video vlog made by Ricis at Natasha Wilona’s house.

Ria Ricis’s plan which will link her heart in a marital relationship with Teuku Ryan in the near future has become the center of attention. In fact, an invitation to an event featuring Ria Yunita’s name – Ria Ricis’ real name – and Teuku Rushariandi’s name circulated in cyberspace. It is not known for sure whether the invitation dated September 26, 2021 is a wedding invitation or a proposal.

However, citing the Medcom.id page, from the information of Ricis’s brother-in-law, Ory Vitrio, Ricis and Ryan plan to hold a proposal, not a wedding, in September 2021. So, most likely, this September event will be a proposal event.

In the midst of the hot news of this wedding plan, a video that revealed the intimacy of Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan appeared. The intimacy of the two can be seen in the vlog video of Ricis’ visit to Natasha Wilona’s house. On that occasion, Ricis asked Natasha to contact Ryan via video call and ask questions about Ricis’s relationship with her future husband.

What is the intimacy between Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan that was revealed through the video call? Read on for more, Parents.

1. Ricis is uncomfortable with Ryan’s gaze at Wilona

Youtube/Ricis Official

In the living room of Natasha Wilona’s house, who looked relieved, Ricis handed over her cellphone so that Wilona could use it to call Teuku Ryan. When the phone was connected and Wilona conveyed her intention, Ricis immediately grabbed, “Blink dong, how come you see Wilona no blink”.

“How come you look at Wilona, ​​her eyes are beaming,” he continued jokingly.

“It’s okay,” Ryan answered on the other side video call while frowning.

Then, Ricis asked Ryan, prettier himself or Wilona. Without thinking, Ryan answered, “You”, was greeted by Ricis’s blushing expression.

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2. Ryan’s comments about Wilona’s beauty make Ricis pout

Ricis and Teuku Ryan's romance (3) Youtube/Ricis Official

Ryan’s next comment in the video call conversation made Ria Ricis frown slightly. The Tiktok celebrity said that even though he said Ricis was prettier, it didn’t mean that Wilona wasn’t beautiful.

“It doesn’t mean that your sister wasn’t beautiful, but you are still beautiful,” said Ryan, followed by repeated questions from Ricis about who is prettier.

3. Ryan reveals the reason he fell in love with Ricis

On that occasion, Wilona also asked Ryan about what made him fall in love with Ricis. Ryan admitted that he fell in love at first sight because he liked Ricis’s appearance in clothes.

“That was the beginning, take a look at her dress, isn’t it good? Interesting right? That was the first thing that made me like him,” said Ryan, who is a man from Aceh.

Ricis then replied, if he doesn’t dress well, Ryan doesn’t like him. “Could be,” Ryan teased, followed by an annoyed laugh of Ricis.

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4. Frequently Exchange jokes and have a favorite call

Ricis and Teuku Ryan's romance (5) Youtube/Ricis Official

The relationship between Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan was also quite filled with laughter. Because, they seem to often exchange jokes with each other.

Ricis also told a conversation that occurred between him and Ryan in a video call. At that time, Ricis had just finished taking a bath and was already wearing a mukena. Ryan then asked, has Ricis showered. Ricis answered “already”. “Why hasn’t it changed?” Ryan said unexpectedly and made Ricis annoyed.

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“It’s just a joke just, Don’t take it to heart,” said Ryan, who is known to be an employee of one of the state-owned banks.

“I don’t put it in my heart, because in my heart there is you,” said Ricis.

When Wilona asked if there was a favorite call to mention each other, Ryan admitted there was, but was reluctant to reveal it because it was only for the two of them.

That’s a series of intimacy Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan who in the near future will hold a proposal event.

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