5 Tips to Explore Potential to Achieve Dreams from Reza Rahadian and Isyana Sarasvati | 1NEWS

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Let’s listen~

Dreams – Everyone has different talents and dreams. However, unfortunately not everyone can know and understand the true talent that lies within him. Some don’t even know what their dreams are in life.

If Sahabat Dream feels like you are one of them, don’t immediately feel like a failure or insecure. The process is still long and there are still many opportunities for self-discovery.

Isyana and Reza Rahadian share some tips on finding talent and achieving dreams. Let’s listen.

1. Try First

Reza Rahadian© Ferdike Yunuri Nadya/ Dream

Trying to be the first thing in achieving goals. But sometimes we are often afraid to fail and finally do not dare to try.

Even though success is not an instant thing that can be achieved in one try, so failure is not a scourge to be afraid of.

From now on, try to be aware of what you want and what you want, not what other people want. Then move on to try it.

“Just try it first. We can try what they like don’t listen to people. You will release whether you are talented or not in a long process,” explained Reza at the 2021 Bintang SMA virtual conference, September 2021.

Reza also tried various things in finding talent and achieving his dreams. He started to participate in theater in junior high school and then moved into a swimming athlete until finally he was in the field of acting again.

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2. It’s OK If You Want To Continue Exploration

The next step to recognize your potential to achieve is to know what Sahabat Dream’s dream really is. It’s okay to change dreams, but when you feel confident, try to focus immediately.

Isyana© Ferdike Yunuri Nadya/ Dream

“You have to explore, and when you like it, the bunches will feel like repeating it again and want to try again,” explained Isyana on the same occasion.

Isyana admitted that she was aware of her talent from an early age. And his mother is also very supportive.

“My mother and environment are very support, starting from what lessons you want or what competitions you want to participate in. Everyone supports it,” added Isyana.

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3. Constantly Hungry For Insights

In finding talent and achieving dreams, a passion for learning is key.

The more often Friends of Drema study, the more knowledgeable you will be in that field. So when the opportunity comes, just take it and put into practice everything you’ve learned.

Pocari© Ferdike Yunuri Nadya/ Dream

“To this day, I am still hungry to learn. Now if there is material that must be explored and studied. Don’t stop learning,” added Reza.

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4. Give up? Throw Far Away

Finding talent and achieving dreams comes with many challenges.

Suppose you want to go to the ninth floor, of course you have to pass through the first, second, third and so on until you get to the ninth floor.

It’s the same with self-discovery and achieving dreams. Everything must be a process. The most important key is to keep the spirit and don’t give up easily.

Pocari© Ferdike Yunuri Nadya/ Dream

“Life is like a roller coaster, but this process wakes you up to become better and more settled. If we fall, don’t feel like a failure, if we continue to succeed, we will not grow,” added Isyana.

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5. Don’t Miss The Opportunity To Achieve Your Dreams

There are many ways to reach your goals, Bintang SMA is one of them. This talent search event is held online for high school students and the equivalent.

How to join the 2021 Bintang SMA competition is quite easy. Only by submitting your talent video through the POCARI SWEAT website or through social media Instagram and Tiktok.

Registration is open from September 1 to October 15, and then the finalists will be honed their talents through a series of events that will be filled with judges and experts, up to the Grand Final and the announcement of the winners on November 20, 2021.

Pocari© Ferdike Yunuri Nadya/ Dream

“Being a space and a place for Indonesia’s young generation to channel energy and creativity, all talents of any kind can participate in this BINTANG SMA,” added Puspita Winawati, Marketing Director of PT Amerta Indah Otsuka on the same occasion.

This is in accordance with the spirit of POCARI SWEAT to consistently invite the younger generation to move and sweat.

More information about BINTANG SMA 2021, can be seen through Instagram @pocariid or the website www.pocarisweat.id/bintangsma.

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