5 Ways to Stop Feeling Empty After a Breakup

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1NEWS, When you have a partner, your day is more radiant, because it is filled with activities with him even if only through video or chat, for example. Because, you feel someone is accompanying and encouraging you.

However, when you and your partner have to break up for one reason or another, you feel lonely because he no longer accompanies your days, even you feel empty when you are not with him.

If you want to know how to stop feeling empty after a breakup, here are 5 things that Life Coach Mitzi Bockmann explains. Accurate.co from the Your Tango page.

Spend time with people who love you

Who was the person you used to hang out with before your ex-boyfriend entered your life? Who made you laugh? Who partner in crime you? Who always makes you feel loved?

Call that person right now!

Make a plan with them to do something you normally do that makes you happy. There are many people in your life who love you and can fill the empty space in your heart, maybe even better than your ex

Mood change

“For my client, the first thing he does when a relationship breaks up is make a plan to get away from his daily life,” says Mitzi Bockmann.

“It’s like a short trip to visit a friend or family member. One day, my client was planning a trip to London. He’s always wanted to go there. While running a marathon, there, he met a lovely British man who helped him manage his broken heart. .”

So, if you need to fill the void left after a breakup, try finding a new environment. Wherever you are going, to find a new atmosphere.

Even if it’s just going to a friend’s house for the night, visiting your parents or booking a flight for a vacation, get out of the space you used to share with your ex.

Doing something different, even for a moment, will help you fill that void that hurts so much.

Change the interior of the room

Do you walk into a room in your house and see the empty space your ex used to fill? Do you come home at the end of the day, as usual, and feel his absence?

If so, try changing the interior of the room. For example changing furniture or having new habits in the room is like working in that room.

Try something

Instead of mourning your sadness or reminiscing about good memories with your ex, try something different. Leave your comfort zone, do something that will make you feel good, like starting an old hobby you left behind.

Be productive!

When you’re going through a breakup, you probably spend your days searching for information about why your partner left you. This is unproductive and will only prevent you from recovering and move on.

Doing those things will only keep you stuck in your past with him. What for?

Try taking a course or training that will help you cope with the breakup. The course will help you get through the first week after a breakup, rebuild your self-esteem and move forward back into the exciting and precious world of love and your life.[]


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