6 Unique characters in the soap opera Naluri Hati, the protagonist is not always weak

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The various characters in the soap opera Instinct Heart will make you fall in love until you get excited.

Stay at home will not feel boring if accompanied by exciting shows. Premiered on August 30, 2021, the soap opera “Naluri Hati” must be added to your watch list. The soap opera that aired on SCTV stars a series of well-known actors and actresses such as Samuel Zylgwyn, Shanice Margaretha, Donny Michael, to Natalie Zenn.

Instinct Hati tells Dinda (Shanice Margaretha) who lives with her father and mother. In front of Dinda, the mother continues, Rina (Debby Cynthia Dewi) is always sweet. But it turned out to be just a cover! Rina’s ambition is to control the treasure.

Kind Dinda does not know Rina’s evil plan. Until one day his life changed completely. Rina kills Dinda’s father and forces her to marry the man of her choice, Gilang (Donny Michael). Curious about Dinda’s fate? That’s why it’s a must watch, right?

In order not to be curious, first take a peek at some of the characters in Instinct of the Heart which will certainly make this soap opera more colorful.


Shanice plays the main character in Instinct of the Heart. Photo: Doc. Kapanlagi.com

Shanice Margaretha’s acting as Dinda who loses her memory and gets a new identity as Nayla is stunning! Despite being treated badly, Dinda doesn’t always cry like a typical protagonist in other soap operas. Cool again, Dinda is also good at self-defense.

Shanice is a newcomer but has shown stunning acting quality. “When I started acting, I was really new. Last year. Just started jumping last year. Praise God for being given the opportunity, so it starts to be done,” he said in The Sultan program which aired last October 2020, quoted from Kapanlagi.com.


Samuel Zylgwyn. Photo: doc. Kapanlagi.com

Samuel Zylgwyn’s acting doesn’t need to be questioned anymore. In the soap opera Naluri Hati, he plays the role of Zain. Franda’s husband is Dinda’s savior in critical times. Having a handsome face and a hard worker, it’s no wonder Zain has become a bone of contention for other characters.

Since getting to know Dinda alias Nayla, Zain began to feel different vibrations. But, he already has a fiancé. Who do you think he will choose?


Donny Michael. Photo: doc. Kapanlagi.com

Gilang is an antagonist character. Just like Rina, she is also crazy about treasure. That’s why they both match. This character is well played by Donny Michael. He had an arranged marriage with Dinda but failed.


Natalie Zenn. Photo: doc. Kapanlagi.com

This is Zain’s fiancé, Agnes. Having a beautiful and energetic face, it turns out that she is an antagonist character. Agnes, played by Natalie Zenn, has a sly nature. Guaranteed, his actions will make the audience excited.


Sisca Magdalene. Photo: doc. Kapanlagi.com

Among the many characters, there is the figure of Hanum. The mother of Zain is played by Sisca Magdalena. Hanum’s role in this soap opera is no less big. He is a person who loves his family very much.


Yoona Gimenez. Photo: doc. Kapanlagi.com

Zain has a beautiful sister named Farah. From the start, Farah already seemed to dislike Dinda’s presence. Just like Agnes, she also has a cunning nature and often irritates the audience. The two conspire to keep Dinda away from Zain. Farah is played by Indonesian-French actress, Yoona Gimenez.

That was a series of characters in the soap opera Instinct of the Heart, so you are more curious about the storyline, right?

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