7 Causes You Can’t Sleep Even When You’re Tired. Not always because of body condition

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Why the hell, when I’m tired, it’s hard to sleep?

After a busy day of activities, usually people crave enough sleep. I want to go to my room, get on the bed and sleep, but it’s hard for my eyes to be told to brake and it ends up having trouble sleeping, called insomnia. Even though it often happens, you can’t let it go on and on. Because, insomnia due to restless heart, difficulty sleeping can trigger various physical and mental illnesses.

If you often have difficulty sleeping and urinate frequently, try to check if you have trouble sleeping due to the following reasons for not being able to sleep. If so, it’s only right that you have trouble sleeping even though your body is really tired.

1. The light in the room that is not dark enough turns out to be one of the causes of insomnia

lamp light | credit: ErikaWittlieb via pixabay.com

Launching the National Geographic page, bright light can reduce the production of melatonin – a hormone secreted by the pineal gland that causes sleepiness. No wonder it’s hard to sleep, headache, nausea, the lights are still so bright.

2. Especially if you play on your cellphone or laptop even though you’re already on the bed

play HP | credit: antgor90 via id.depositphotos.com

Just like a lamp, light from this electronic item will attack the retina and interfere with the hormone melatonin. Not only does it make it difficult to sleep, it can also make you sleepy in the morning. No wonder you also find it difficult to sleep during the day. Stopping playing on your phone before going to bed is the most difficult way to deal with insomnia and restlessness~

3. Apparently, body temperature and a room that is too warm can trigger insomnia

hot | credit: AllaSerebrina via id.depositphotos.com

Temperatures that are too warm can prevent sleep from reaching a deeper phase or dreaming phase. That is why dreams will often appear when the room temperature during sleep tends to be stable or leads to cold. Well, one way to overcome insomnia because of a lot of thoughts is to set the room temperature to be more stable.

4. It’s hard to sleep, I eat mostly protein~

eat protein | credit: VitalikRadko via id.depositphotos.com

Consumption of protein requires quite a lot of energy to digest it. This can make the digestive system continue to work even after bedtime. Difficulty sleeping because stomach acid will often occur because of this cause. Instead, it would be better if you consume nuts, milk, or chamomile tea before lying in bed because they are food for insomnia.

5. Another thing that triggers insomnia is going to bed on an empty stomach or hungry

hunger | credit: Nicodash via id.depositphotos.com

In some cases, a hungry stomach can cause a drop in blood sugar that can wake you up at night. It’s useless to buy sleeping pills at pharmacies, better try to fill your stomach enough before going to bed. But give it a break of at least 2 hours, OK!

6. There are also those who have difficulty sleeping because they have taken certain drugs

taking drugs | credit: Ewa Urban via pixabay.com

Difficulty sleeping symptoms of what disease, huh? There are some antidepressants and allergy medications that can also trigger insomnia. For example, Prozac, Cymbalta, and Allegra D. So for those of you who suffer from depression or certain allergies, make sure you get these drugs only with a doctor’s prescription, and don’t forget to consult so that you can still sleep well with enough time, OK!

7. Serious chat with current partner pillow talk It can also be the cause of insomnia

stressful chat | credit: Candid_Shots via pixabay.com

The effect is not visible, but serious conversation can trigger a stress response because the production of cortisol and adrenaline increases. In fact, this increase in hormones can make it difficult to sleep and even stay up late at night.

Many people don’t realize that from some of the triggers above, insomnia means the effect of activities that you can actually outsmart or fix. From now on, avoid the things that you think are the cause of your insomnia. Because if you let it continue, your body will also be disturbed.


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