7 Female Breast Shapes and Their Personality Types

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female breast shape

The shape of a woman’s breasts not only supports appearance, but also determines character. From the shape of the breast, we can know what personality a woman has.

For you husbands, take a good look at your wife’s breasts. Is it in accordance with the description of the personality based on the following female breast shape.

7 Female Breast Shapes From Her Personality

1. The shape of the breast resembles a melon

The shape of a large breast resembling a melon will look perfectly round on all sides. She does not need a special bra to support her breasts, because naturally the shape is good.

Women with breasts like melons, have good personalities and can be relied on. Likes to help others and is often used as a place to vent because he can be trusted. As a mother, she is loving and generous.

If you had a wife with melon-shaped breasts, she would always be able to make everyone feel at home. He can also reconcile children who are fighting.

2. The shape of the breast resembles a lemon

female breast shape

Lemon-shaped breasts, will have nipples that protrude and slightly widen to the right and left. So the nipples will point in the opposite direction. T-shirt-shaped bra is suitable for women who have breast types like lemon.

For fathers who have lemon-breasted wives, you are one of the lucky ones. Women with lemon-shaped breasts are very elegant and intelligent. Have a dynamic mindset and easily adapt to circumstances. Open minded and not monotonous.

A mother with lemon breasts has always put comfort and serenity first. He always makes sure the whole family gets it. Their emotions also tend to be stable, so they don’t get angry easily when facing a child’s fussiness.

3. The shape of the breast resembles an apple

female breast shape

Breasts like apples have a fuller shape than lemon breasts. This apple-like breast shape indicates the owner is free-spirited and likes a challenge. Tend to live life according to their own wishes and do not like to be controlled.

However, he also has a progressive mind who is always trying to improve himself. As a mother, she will always try to be a good mother for her child, as well as the best wife for her husband.

4. Breast shape resembling a pear

female breast shape

The shape of the breast is like a pear, the nipple is facing downwards, with the areola being widened. Round and slightly full at the top. The owner of this breast is suitable for various types of bras, making it easier for him to choose a bra as a chest support.

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Women with pear-like breasts have strong and sensual personalities. Open minded, optimistic, positive and always trying to improve himself. Sometimes, he also has a very high spiritual and religious soul.

For those of you who have a wife with pear-like breasts, be grateful. Owners of pear breasts are loyal and loving people. Also has a sense of humor that can make married life not boring.

5. Breast shape resembles a plum

female breast shape

This breast shape, tends to extend downward. Full circle at the bottom and narrow at the top. The small size makes the owner of this breast have to wear a bra with padding or foam to make it look more lifted and full.

The good news, owners of breasts like plums are always the center of attention because they are full of energy. Likes adventure and doesn’t like monotony. As a housewife, she will not demand luxuries in life.

He views life simply, and solves every problem on the basis of love. She was a gentle mother, and a peace-loving wife. So rarely create problems in marriage.

6. Asymmetrical female breast shape

female breast shape

You may have an unbalanced breast shape because one is smaller and the other is bigger. This often makes it difficult for Mother to choose a bra. Choose a bra with removable foam so that it makes the breasts look more balanced.

In terms of personality, the owner of this breast is very friendly and smiling. As a wife, she will always do romantic things for her husband.

In addition, he also has an idealistic mind and is always optimistic. His charisma will always make anyone feel comfortable around him. Including husband and children.

7. The shape of a woman’s breasts papaya fruit

female breast shape

Breasts shaped like papayas tend to be larger than plum breasts. And the condition that hangs down, makes you have to be smart when shopping for bras. Choose a bra that covers all parts of the bust and supports it without spilling any parts.

A strong personality is a characteristic of mothers who have papaya breasts. They are independent and strong-willed. One of his good qualities, he always weighs carefully before making a decision.

In addition, he also has extraordinary self-control, and a calm demeanor. So that it will not explode when facing a stubborn or naughty child.

Superwoman is the nickname for the owner of this papaya breast, because she has the potential as a leader. Mother can lead the household well together with Dad.


Of all the personalities above, does the description match the shape of your breasts? Share in the comments column yes.

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