9 Elegant and Comfortable Corner Portraits of Rizky Billar’s House

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9 Elegant and Comfortable Corner Portraits of Rizky Billar's House

The celebrity couple Rizky Billar and Lesty Kejora often steal attention because of the intimacy they show. Now, the two have officially become husband and wife. The portrait of Rizky Billar’s house is again in the spotlight, because now Lesty has officially settled together in the house.

Some time ago, Billar did a virtual tour in a private house. Previously, with Varrell he also took the actor around documenting his private residence.

From the front view, the house looks elegant and minimalist. There are also many rooms and parts of the house that are comfortable for him to live with his wife.

Take a peek at the various corners of this couple’s house, Parents.

Minimalist and Elegant Portrait and Corner of Rizky Billar’s House

1. Front View, Two-Story House with a Minimalist Design with White and Brown Shades

From the outside, Billar’s house, which he now lives with Lesty, looks elegant and comfortable. The appearance looks minimalist, suitable for new millennial families.

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2. In the living room, the minimalist atmosphere still seems to be felt

9 Elegant and Comfortable Corner Portraits of Rizky Billar's House

Start entering the front room, here. There are only colors basic accompanied by a brown color that adorns the interior of the house.

3. As a Hits Shoe Lover, Billar Apparently Has One Special Room For His Shoe Storage

9 Elegant and Comfortable Corner Portraits of Rizky Billar's House

If you look around, the actor’s shoe collection is very large, yes. As a shoe lover, various types of sneakers he loves must be placed in a safe part of the house so that it lasts.

4. Apart from shoes, Billar also likes Naruto anime and collects knick-knacks

9 Elegant and Comfortable Corner Portraits of Rizky Billar's House

In one part of his house, he also appears to show his other favorite collections such as Naruto anime knick-knacks. Just look, he has a closet full of displays and collections action figures the characters in the anime.

5. The Billiard House Is Also Equipped With A Koi Fish Pond As A Sweetener And Home Conditioner

9 Elegant and Comfortable Corner Portraits of Rizky Billar's House

Making a fish pond in or around the house can indeed bring a cooler and fresher feel. Make it more comfortable for sure, yes.

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6. There is also a closed swimming pool in the house for exercising and relaxing

Rizky Billar's house

Inside the house, Rizky deliberately asked to make a swimming pool private. So, Billar and Lesty don’t need to go far out of the house for swimming.

7. The Kitchen Should Not Be Missed! Minimalist, Neat, and Clean Nuances Can Be Clearly Seen In The Kitchen

Rizky Billar's house

The kitchen is also so highlight the minimalist side of the house. Various cooking utensils look so complete.

8. If This One Area Can’t Be Missed As A Place To Relax On The Balcony Of His House

Rizky Billar's house

Want to relax? it has its own angle. While enjoying the breeze, Billar and Lesty can both relax on the balcony of the house.

9. The Main Room That Looks Very Comfortable

Rizky Billar's house

The main bedroom also seems to be a concern. The minimalist style is so pronounced with elegant white and wood accents. There is also a large glass to complete the room to make it look more spacious.

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Those are various portraits of the corners of Rizky Billar’s house which is now occupied with Lesty Kejora. Do you agree that this house looks elegant and minimalist? Hopefully it can be an inspiration for Parents, yes.


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