After being arrested for narcotics cases, this is Coki Pardede’s apology to parents and fans

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The name of the comedian Coki Pardede is becoming a hot topic of conversation among Indonesians this week. Not without reason, this Muslim Tretan partner has just been arrested by the police for narcotics abuse. During the arrest, Coki tested positive for shabu-shabu. During the arrest, evidence was also found in the form of 0.5 grams of methamphetamine and also a syringe to use it.

After social media was filled with various speculations and comments from netizens, the police finally held a press conference to discuss Coki’s case more clearly. In the press conference, for the first time Coki appeared and spoke to the public. The owner of the real name Reza Pardede expressed his feelings after being arrested.

In a press conference, Coki Pardede apologized to his family and management for causing harm to his job

Coki Pardede is a comedian who is famous for his material dark jokes which he brought. He is a member of the Indonesian Funny Council, also known as MLI. Because he has the responsibility of the job, at a press conference Coki Pardede apologized to the management of MLI for his actions that were detrimental to his work. “I want to apologize to the management because this case also affects my work,” said Coki Pardede.

In addition, Coki Pardede also apologized to his parents. He realized that his actions really disappointed the big family, especially his father and mother. “First of all, I want to apologize to the family, especially to my father and mother,” said Coki opening his statement. This apology is certainly an important action considering that MLI has explained the chronology and how Coki got involved in the use of shabu-shabu in Deddy Corbuzier’s podcast.

Coki Pardede apologized to his fans and promised to come back to be 4-5 times better than he is now

Coki Pardede apologizes to fans/Credit: YouTube Kompas TV

In addition to apologizing to the company and his family, Coki Pardede also deeply regrets his actions and apologizes to loyal fans who enjoy his works. According to him, the narcotics addiction made his fans have to wait much longer to be able to enjoy his latest work. “I apologize to the audience of my work. Because of this, you have to wait longer to enjoy the works,” continued Coki Pardede.

In addition, Coki Pardede is also committed to immediately solving his addiction problem. He promised to return to the comedy stage and provide jokes that are much funnier 4-5 times. Coki also asked for community support and reminded people to stay away from these illicit goods. According to him, using narcotics only gives loss after loss. “Let this incident just make you learn. Take this case as a lesson that dependence on harmful substances has no benefit,” concluded Coki Pardede.

Hopefully what Coki said can be done well and sincerely. Hopefully, the comedian will be able to solve the problem soon and return to the comedy stage to entertain us all. Amen~

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