Agnez Monica Chosen as Ambassador of State Defense, Netizens Give Myriad Praises

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Public figures are people who have many fans and are considered to have a positive impact on society. For this reason, the state through its institutions often makes public figures as people who are responsible for implementing an idea or rule.

There are many agendas from countries that involve artists or public figures as ambassadors to campaign for their programs. The latest, Indonesian singer who has had a career internationally, Agnez Monica was chosen to be an ambassador. What ambassador actually carried and pinned on the figure of Agnez Monica? Instead of being curious, let’s just read the full news below!

Agnes Monica is back in the spotlight of netizens after she was chosen to be the National Defense Ambassador

Agnes Monica or more familiarly called Agnez Mo is now in the spotlight of netizens. Not without reason, Agnez Mo once again showed his nationalism and love for Indonesia. Because of her love for the country, Agnez Mo recently received an award as the Ambassador of the State Defense. This award was given to the singer of the song “Matahariku” because his achievements made the nation proud in the international arena.

The news about Agnez Monica’s election as an ambassador for the country’s defense spread quickly through social media. Various accounts also shared the moment of awarding the achievement award. In the upload on social media, Agnez Monica is seen wearing a black suit with a white hat. A happy smile could be seen from his wok. Agnez poses holding a plaque which indicates that she is the Ambassador of the State Defense.

The election of Agnez Monica to become the National Defense Ambassador made her flooded with praise and congratulations

The moment about Agnez Monica’s achievement certainly became the spotlight and provoked comments from all netizens and other public figures. A number of netizens inevitably flooded the upload with various congratulations and praises for the figure of Agnez Monica herself. Many consider that Agnez Monica remains humble and carries the name of Indonesia despite having an international career. “Amazing, Powerful and Spectacular My IdoLa Agnez Mo’s latest achievement,, Keep being a Humble Go-International Artist, Good,” said one netizen.

In addition, many netizens also joked that now Agnez Mo is getting help from the state because he has become an ambassador. “So now you get full support from the government, right? You have become an ambassador,” another netizen replied. Apart from all that, Agnez Mo was chosen to be the Ambassador of the State Defense, it is not surprising. This is because the Jakarta-born artist is known as a person who often talks about nationalism on various occasions.

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