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Advanced Technological Innovation, Can It Really Be a Substitute for Humans?

Since the pandemic, there has been an increase in the number of product and service customers who have turned to eCommerce which is the main place for transactions. Along with the number of customers who have to switch to online transactions, which are generally more ‘always on’, the customer service division has to always adapt to incoming contacts. One way to adapt is to apply artificial intelligence or AI.

Use of AI in the form of chatbot This is nothing new in today’s world of customer service – almost all companies, especially those focused on services, use this technology to help answer frequently asked questions by customers.

The application of AI in the customer service division helps speed up the resolution of incoming contacts or questions, especially for routine questions. The main goal is of course to improve customer satisfaction and contact experience through speed and convenience for customers for simple and routine inquiries, so that customer service agents can focus on providing assistance for more complex cases. Common use chatbot can improve response rate to customers because of its speed in responding and reducing waiting times.

But how to use chatbot with repeated questions doesn’t it make customers feel neglected? What about the diverse use of everyday language like in Indonesia? The role of coach or trainer for AI is very important here. Trainer AI must have an in-depth understanding of trends and habits of using written language including regional languages, terms, abbreviations and so on. Training for chatbot carried out intensively every day so that chatbot able to follow the conversation. This is where the important role of senior customer service staff – who already understand the manner, style and tone of customer speech including some terms that may not be standard language.

In platform eCommerce like Lazada, use chatbot not limited to communication with customers, but also packaged to answer questions from sellers. Chatbot even play a role in helping sellers answer questions from their customers. Its use assists in completing routine inquiries and boosts customer service efficiency and performance.

The application of artificial intelligence in Lazada is not limited to assisting services for customers and sellers. Since the beginning of 2021, along with increasing the number of orders that come in during the pandemic, sellers are in platform overwhelmed in responding to inquiries from buyers quickly (under 30 minutes). Therefore, AI technology was also introduced to assist them in answering questions from buyers.

Chatbot for this seller built-in in the message channel between buyers and sellers in the app with an extensive database that can answer all basic questions for potential buyers 24/7 and can be customized by sellers so they can enter their personas in response. Even by using chatbot This, not only can the question be answered faster, the seller also gets a higher purchase potential because with a fast answer, buyers tend to make purchases and payments faster.

With increasingly sophisticated technology, services chatbot of course required to be more like human communication. Especially with today’s virtual and instantaneous conditions, fast, precise and efficient customer service will increase customer convenience and satisfaction in transactions. Therefore, the role of humans in customer service will not disappear but can change to trainer for AI, so that chatbot used can always be updated with all trends, terms, dialects, written ways of speaking so that they can understand the questions asked thoroughly for the convenience and satisfaction of customers.

On the other hand, with the deeper penetration of eCommerce usage in daily life, the questions asked by customers are also increasing in complexity. This is where direct contact with live agents with intuitive human capabilities for various situations and conditions becomes crucial. The role of live agents will focus and be prioritized on solving questions that are far more complex in nature and cannot be handled by chatbot technology.

With chatbot eCommerce platforms like Lazada will always be there and can serve inquiries from customers and sellers at any time, 24/7-365. AI technology can function optimally and intuitively through training and human input but the touch and rich human experience still play a very important role for good customer service. Both chatbots and live agents have the same important role, because they support each other to achieve optimal customer service goals: providing satisfaction, convenience and the best shopping experience for customers.

Happy National Customer Day.

Written By: Ferry Kusnowo – Chief Customer Officer, Lazada Indonesia

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