Andika’s chance to become TNI Commander, the DPR is whispering like this

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General Andika Mighty

The opportunity for the Chief of Army Staff, General Andika Perkasa as TNI Commander to replace Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto, caused the DPR to whisper.

The chairman of Commission I of the DPR RI himself admitted that he had not received a letter from President Joko Widodo on behalf of the candidate he proposed to replace Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto as TNI Commander.

This was also revealed by the Deputy Chairman of Commission I of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Abdul Kharis Almasyhari, who emphasized that there had been no incoming letter from Jokowi regarding the candidate for the new TNI Commander.

General Andika Perkasa. Indonesian Army Photo

“No, there is not yet (a letter from President Jokowi),” said Deputy Chairman of Commission I DPR RI, Abdul Kharis Almasyhari quoted by from RMOL Politik Political News Agency, Saturday 4 September 2021.

Andika Perkasa TNI Commander

The signal for Andika’s name as the sole candidate to replace Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto, who will retire in November 2021, re-emerged.

One member of Commission I of the DPR RI, the PDI-P faction, Effendi Simbolon, whispered that Andika Perkasa would be the sole candidate to replace Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto.

Deputy Chairman of Commission I DPR RI, Abdul Kharis Almasyhari/Ist
Deputy Chairman of Commission I DPR RI, Abdul Kharis Almasyhari/Ist

Unfortunately, Abdul Kharis was reluctant to comment on Effendi Simbolon’s song regarding the name he called the sole candidate for TNI Commander.

“Please ask him (Effendi),” said the chairman of the DPP for the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS).

TNI Commander Marshal Hadi will retire on November 8, 2021, on his 58th birthday.

TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto
TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto during a webinar.’s photo

However, to this day, the DPR has not received a Presidential Letter (Surpres) regarding the replacement of the TNI Commander, which usually comes out three months before the TNI Commander in charge of retiring.

In the election of the TNI Commander, the president has the prerogative to appoint the person who will lead next. Because, the position of the TNI Commander is not like a ministerial position whose term of office can be extended.

Ahead of the change of TNI Commander, the figure of KASAD General Andika Prakasa is predicted to be a strong candidate.

As stated by a member of Commission I from the Democratic Party faction, Syarif Hasan, judging by the names of the three chiefs of staff who are currently being mentioned as a replacement for Hadi, KASAD General Andika Prakasa, who tends to sit right in the seat of the TNI Commander.

“Indeed, what stands out now is Mr. Andika. His performance and performance is very prominent and hopefully the best will be handed over to the president,” said Syarif at the Parliamentary Complex of the DPR, Wednesday (1/9/2021).

Syarif said that some of Andika’s performances were considered to stand out from the other two chiefs of staff. The first is Andika’s efforts to improve the skills of the soldiers in the Indonesian Army

Then said Syarif, namely the improvement of human resources in the Army environment that Andika had done.

“Even though the other chiefs of staff did the same thing, Pak Andika did perform once,” said Syarif.

Even so, Syarif said that the assessment of who is the best figure as the TNI Commander is entirely under President Jokowi’s authority. He only hopes that Hadi’s replacement name will be proposed soon, considering Hadi’s retirement age is approaching.

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