Angry Can’t Get PPKM Help, This PKL Woman Opens Her Shirt and Bra at the DPRD Office | Most Exciting

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Paling Seru

MostFun – The Policy for the Implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) in Pematangsiantar City, North Sumatra made small traders feel stifled. They even staged a demonstration in front of the Pematangsiantar DPRD office.

Several small traders, such as trading in markets and street vendors, came in crowds to the Pematangsiantar DPRD office on Thursday (2/9/2021) to demonstrate to express their opinions.

They complained that during the implementation of the PPKM, their income was much reduced. In addition, they also cannot freely sell because they are restricted and often raided by Satpol PP.

One of the women who also took part in the demonstration at that time caused a stir on social media because she came forward and then took off her clothes along with her underwear. Patting his chest, he rages on expressing his opinion. As a result, the stocky woman’s breasts are visible and in the spotlight.

“I want to sell because it makes it difficult!” the woman shouted.

The other merchants tried to calm the woman down by covering her exposed breasts. Pemko officials and several Satpol PP personnel who were on guard at the time could only stare at the woman.

The traders came to demand that Pemko Pematangsiantar give them assistance for the implementation of PPKM. They admitted that they had not received assistance since August.

“We have not received any assistance since last August. Our sales are also limited by that person, ” said one of the traders.

Jalan Sutomo and Jalan Merdekan are locations that have the greatest impact on PPKM. Both roads are stalls that traders usually use to sell. However, during PPKM the road was completely closed by Pematangsiantar.

“Y*t*l you guys! You close it, how do we sell it, we want to sell it,” the woman said.

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