Angry Minister of Finance on Corruption in Probolinggo, Writes 2 Messages Using Exclamation Marks | 1NEWS

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“Almost one in 5 residents is still poor ..!”

Meanwhile, the open unemployment rate in this district rose from 2.89 percent in 2015 to 4.86 percent in 2021.

In the midst of corruption cases carried out by the Regent and her husband, the Minister of Finance also reported that the poverty rate in Probolinggi had decreased to 18.61 percent in 2020 from 20.98 percent in 2015.

However, Sri Mulyani wrote a strong message regarding the improvement of the poverty level with the emerging corruption cases. “Almost one in 5 residents is still poor ..!” he insisted.

Improvements also occurred in the Human Development index, which increased from 64.12 percent in 2015 to 66.07 last year.

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