Ayu Thalia Becomes a Victim of Sean Anak Ahok’s Violence, Reveals Visum Proof of Her Body with Bruises! Not for Social Security?

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Ayu Thalia Becomes a Victim of Sean Anak Ahok's Violence, Reveals Visum Proof of Her Body with Bruises!  Not for Social Security?

Ayu Thalia and Nicholas Sean (Instagram/Edited by 1NEWS)

Ayu Thalia’s name later emerged to the public. This is because of the alleged abuse case by Ahok’s son, Nicholas Sean Purnama, to Ayu Thalia alias Thata Anma.

As a result of this case, Ayu was temporarily dismissed from her workplace. He also felt very disadvantaged because of this case.

“And even with this incident, I can’t even work for the next two weeks and I will definitely be disadvantaged like that,” Ayu said at a press conference some time ago.

Ayu Thalia also admitted that she was angry because she was accused of only doing social climbing (pansos). He was accused of fabricating a story by Nicholas Sean Purnama regarding the alleged assault case. He also admitted that he was hurt when he heard accusations about him having carried out social assistance for Ahok’s son.

“It’s very disturbing because there are a lot of news circulating that say I am Pansos that really hurts my heart. Because I’m a working person, I don’t have to do Social Affairs like that,” he said.

Nevertheless, Ayu emphasized that she would prove the alleged abuse by Nicholas Sean Purnama sooner or later.

“Chronologically, our client was allegedly pushed, pulled from the car and fell,” said Thata Anma’s attorney, Rudi Kabunang, quoted from the syndicated website. 1NEWS (4/9/2021).

Furthermore, as a result of the fall, Thata Anma’s hands and feet were injured. He also admitted that he immediately did a post-mortem and included it in the report as evidence.

“After that, bruises appeared on the legs and hands, evidence of the post-mortem which had been submitted to the investigators,” he continued.

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As is known, Nicholas previously denied that he had mistreated Ayu Thalia. According to him, he did not push Ayu out of the car, but Ayu threw herself out of the car.

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