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Bali United will face Barito Putera in the second week of BRI Liga 1 2021/2022, Friday (10/9/2021). But until now, Bali United is still waiting for a full squad.

Bali United are waiting for the arrival of new foreign players to replace Diego Assis. The player who plays as an attacking midfielder has not yet arrived in Indonesia. This was revealed by Bali United coach Stefano Teco Cugurra, Friday (3/9/2021).

Teco admitted that the foreign player had not yet received a visa to come to Indonesia. From the latest information, there are four requirements for foreign citizens (WNA) who are allowed to come to Indonesia.

Namely foreigners holding diplomatic residence permits and official residence permits. Then foreigners holding diplomatic visas and service visas, foreigners holding limited stay permits and permanent residence permits, and foreigners with health and humanitarian purposes.

“The situation is still the same. He is still waiting for a visa to come to Indonesia,” explained Teco.

However, the coach, who is now registered as Bali United manager in the BRI Liga 1 2021/2022 due to his new coaching license equivalent to A AFC, did not explain in detail what were the obstacles why the foreign player’s visa was not issued.

Teco had previously said that the foreign player had been vaccinated twice. Likewise, the CEO of Bali United, Yabes Tanuri, who was interviewed separately. He has not been able to provide clear information regarding the status of Bali United’s foreign players.

“There are new foreign players, later there will be a press release,” he said briefly.

Seeing conditions like this, it is almost certain that Teco will not be able to play new foreign players against Laskar Antasari – Barito Putera’s nickname in the second week.

Luckily Bali United did not have any injured players. Leonard Tupamahu is already in excellent condition after previously Teco said that the aged defender was still recovering from an injury after helping Bali United overthrow Persik Kediri.

In addition, it is likely that Stefano Lilipaly and Ricky Fajrin can already be played after completing their personal affairs. The two players when facing Persik had to be absent due to personal matters. “For now there are no injured players,” concluded Teco.


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