Banned to Spurs, Emerson Royal: Barcelona Hurt Me

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1NEWS – Having only played for Barcelona for a few months, Emerson Royal has had to be kicked out and thrown out to English club, Tottenham Hotspur. Not as a loan player, but permanently legal. Not surprisingly, the player said that Barca’s treatment of him was really painful.

Come and Throw away

This year’s summer transfer is perhaps the most surprising, crazy, and exciting transfer period to follow. Many surprises occurred during the summer transfer window opened. Starting from the simultaneous departure of Ronaldo and Messi from their respective clubs, to the news of the wasted player who had just joined a club.

What happened Emerson Royal also became one of the surprising moments in the moment of transfer of players this summer. Emerson, who had just signed for Barcelona, ​​surprisingly changed costumes, only a few months after his arrival. English club Tottenham Hotspur are a lucky club to be able to secure the services of the right-back.

For Emerson, maybe Barcelona weren’t really serious about signing him some time ago. It is noted that Barca officially acquired Emerson from Atlético Mineiro on January 31, 2019. Barca managed to sign the Brazilian right-back for a fee of 12.7 million euros, and Emerson was only able to set foot at Camp Nou, right on June 2, 2021.

Unfortunately a thousand dear, the arrival of Emerson and his introduction to Barcelona did not last long. The reason is, right on August 31, 2021, on the summer transfer deadline, or two months after his arrival at Barca, Emerson was immediately kicked out. Emerson was bought by Tottenham Hotspur who were willing to spend up to 25 million euros.

The Double Meaning of Emerson’s Message

For his short departure, Emerson also wrote a touching message through his social media pages. Emerson revealed that Barcelona is the club he has always dreamed of since childhood. But unfortunately, Emerson’s dream of strengthening Barcelona had to just disappear, even though the dream was already in front of his eyes.

“Barcelona, ​​we met so soon. I think you’ve heard my childhood dream was to wear your uniform, meet your fans, play at your base.” Emerson wrote. “Thank you for giving me a little more than everything I imagined, thank you.”

Emerson’s message may contain his gratitude to Barcelona for giving him the opportunity to realize his dream even if only for a moment. But implicitly, this message can also mean something else. This message could be an expression of Emerson’s disappointment, and his way of expressing that Barcelona have hurt him.

Spurs benefit, Barca lose?

Meanwhile, in London, Tottenham Hotspur Of course, we are delighted to welcome Emerson Royal to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Emerson may be the solution to improve the right-back sector of Nuno Espírito Santo’s squad. In addition, with the age that is still quite young, Emerson has the potential to be the future star of the Spurs.

Media ride88 via their official website, the Spurs confirmed the arrival of Emerson, and said that they were happy with the arrival of the Brazilian right-back. Spurs also announced that Emerson had a contract until 2026 from them. In addition, city rivals Chelsea and Arsenal added that Emerson will wear the number 12 on his jersey.

As for Barcelona, ​​losing Emerson will actually backfire for them. How not, Barca until now have not been able to get enough depth in the right-back sector, right after the departure of Dani Alves, a few years ago. The departure of Emerson automatically further reduces the depth of the Barca squad, especially in the right-back sector.

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