Blasphemed Fat, Neymar Laughing Blame Jersey Size

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10 Poses of Natalia Barulich, Neymar's ex who likes to show off his sexiness

“Neymar’s weight has become the focus of cyberspace. This is the Brazilian’s answer.”

1NEWS – Blasphemy becomes one of the unavoidable for famous football players. Every appearance on the field must be in the spotlight of many people. For example, Neymar.

After losing in the 2021 Copa America final against Argentina, it seems that now Neymar is back facing a more difficult job than expected. The Brazilian returned to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) with his team-mates.

But, during the summer holidays, Neymar spent time relaxing until some of his videos and photos went viral. One of them is a photo of Neymar on vacation in Ibiza. In the photo Neymar is bare chested until his distended stomach is visible

At that time, many netizens questioned Neymar’s fitness. In fact, he is compared to Lionel Messi, who consistently maintains his fitness. Some of Neymar’s videos turned out to be jokes for his teammates back in Paris.

Last weekend, on his debut of the season against Stade de Reims, Neymar was underwhelming for PSG. He was replaced by Messi. “Hard to come back”. “Unwell”. “Not getting involved defensively”. Those are some of the headlines to be found in the French press after PSG’s win against Reims.

Apparently, the criticism continued during the CONMEBOL 2022 World Cup Qualification Zone. In Chile’s match against Brazil, social media was flooded with comments criticizing Neymar’s poor form. The common thread of the criticism is being overweight.

10 Poses of Natalia Barulich, Neymar’s ex who likes to show off his sexiness

In a post on Instagram after the game, Neymar admitted that Brazil didn’t play well that night. But, his country won. And, on the right side of the post there is Neymar’s response to the criticism he has received regarding his weight.

“The shirt is size L (large size). I am of normal weight. Next game I will order M (medium size)”. The message was accompanied by several emojis, laughing out loud.

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