Borneo FC vs Persebaya Results: Conceded Since the Beginning of the Game, Bajol Ijo Humiliated by Pesut Etam – 1NEWS

  • Share – The results of Borneo FC vs. Persebaya in the Indonesian League 1 continued party which was held at the Wibawa Mukti Stadium, Cikarang, Saturday (4/9) night, ended with a score of 3-1.

Persebaya had conceded since the beginning of the match when Sihran Amrullah managed to net Francisco Torres’ pass in the 8th minute. The advantage that lasted until the break was finally doubled by Terens Puhiri at the beginning of the second half, to be precise in the 48th minute.

Not quite winning 2-0 Guy Junior who came down to replace the injured Torres also scored a goal in the 61st minute and brought Borneo FC 3-0 up.

However, Persebaya, who then fielded several of their senior players in the second half, was finally able to reply 3-1 through Ricky Kambuaya’s action in the 76th minute.

Thanks to this victory, Borneo FC is now at the top of the Indonesian League 1 standings with a collection of three points. As for Persebaya, the defeat in their first match made Aji Santoso’s team slump in the caretaker position with zero points.

The course of the match

Borneo FC took the lead more quickly when the game had only been running for eight minutes. Through bait Francisco Torres, Muhammad Sihran managed to break into the Persebaya goal and lead 1-0. GOOL!

Another quick goal was created for Borneo FC through the action of Terens Puhiri when the match in the second half had only been running for three minutes (48 minutes) which the Persebaya goalkeeper was unable to meet the ball. GGOOLL!! 2-0 To Borneo FC.

Behind 2-0, Bajol Ijo’s team tried to counterattack a moment later, but this effort failed to threaten the Borneo goal.

Instead of chasing after them, Persebaya conceded again in the 61st minute, when Guy Junior, who played for Torres who was injured in the first half, managed to find Jonathan Bustos’ pass. GGOL!! Borneo FC was increasingly advancing 3-0.

The hard work of the Persebaya players finally paid off after Ricky Kambuaya managed to resolve the crisis and netted the skinny round against Borneo FC in the 76th minute. 3-1 For Persebaya!


Borneo FC (4-3-3): Angga Saputro; Leo Guntara, Javlon Guseynov, W Edy, Rifad Marasabessy; Nuruddin Davronov, Hendro Siswanto, Jonathan Bustos; Muhammad Sihran, Francisco Torres/Guy Junior, Terens Puhiri.

Persebaya (4-3-3): Ernando Ari; Frank Rikhard, Rachmat Irianto, Rizky Ridho, Alwi Slamat; Akbar Firmansyah, Hambali Tolib, Ady Setiawan; Supriadi, Johan Yoga, Ricky Kambuaya.

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