BRI Liga 1: Become a PSIS Hero, Riyan Ardiansyah Dedicates a Goal to His Late Mother | 1NEWS

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PSIS Semarang managed to beat Persela Lamongan 1-0 in the first match of BRI Liga 1 2021/2022 at Wibawa Mukti Stadium, Bekasi, Saturday (4/9/2021). PSIS’s victory was achieved with difficulty because it was only determined at the last minute.

Laskar Mahesa Jenar seems to have to thank Riyan Ardiansyah. The versatile player became the hero of PSIS Semarang’s victory over Persela.

His single goal at the end of the match forced the Persela players to bite their fingers, because one point in front of their eyes disappeared. Riyan Ardiansyah broke Dwi Kuswanto’s goal through fast acceleration and ended with a hard right foot kick.

The process of this goal is almost similar to the one he scored against Arema FC in the group stage of the Menpora Cup 2021. He just entered and immediately scored a goal through a counter-attack scheme in the final minutes of the match.

After being successful in determining his team’s victory in the crucial opening of BRI League 1, Riyan was very grateful. He prefers the general results for his team rather than thinking about the special goals he scores.

“Alhamdulillah, the important thing is that the team can win, thank you to the coach who sent me and all the players together on the field with the victory this afternoon,” said Riyan Ardiansyah in a press conference after the PSIS Semarang match against Persela.

The goal he scored against Persela became the first record for Riyan Ardiansyah at the official competition level with PSIS. Previously Riyan was more on the bench.

PSIS saw and honed his talent since the pre-season tournament. Sure enough, Riyan seemed to be a lethal weapon, especially as a supersub in the middle of a deadlock.

Riyan originally played as a right wing defender. But he is no less good at playing offensively, especially when launching a counter-attack.

“Boosting team spirit for the next game. There is an opportunity to appear I want to give my best for the team. I dedicate this goal to my late mother,” explained the player from Pati Regency.

PSIS Semarang went down at full strength despite the lack of new foreign midfielder Brian Ferreira. While in the Persela Lamongan camp, there are 100 percent local players, there are no foreign players such as Demerson and Ivan Carlos in the starting line-up.

PSIS managed to score a goal in injury time. The new player, Riyan Ardiansyah, broke the deadlock. His right foot hard kick in the penalty box could not be driven away by goalkeeper Dwi Kuswanto. PSIS was able to maintain the advantage until the game was over.

Furthermore, in the second week, PSIS will meet the giant Persija Jakarta on September 12, 2021. Meanwhile, Persela will serve Persipura Jayapura, September 10, 2021.


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